Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet The Felines.

Hallo meine Lieben,

the lovely Erin from TexErin-in-Sydneyland is hosting a fantastic link-up and this week you can Meet the Felines. So hop over, say hi and see lots of cute kitty cats. Last week I introduced my bunnies Findus and Tiffie, you can find the post here

Here we go:

Meet Lumpi & Tiger, the two cats who make my life a lot happier. They are brothers and I adopted them when they were babies and my former landlord's brother wanted to "get rid of them". Whatever that means. I don't think I want to know. We will celebrate their 8th birthday this July. Every kitty birthday is a big event and we celebrate with presents and extra treats. But I guess I am not the only one who celebrates the birthdays of their furry family members, right?

Lumpi is the black guy and Tiger the tabby cat. Their favorites pastimes include sleeping on my bed, snoring, playing with their favorite mouse toy or with random accessories  like paper balls, pens and other things that are not made for cats, eating, sleeping on my lap, entertaining the bunnies, watching the birds, sleeping on my clothes, especially when they are in the laundry basket (clean of course), sitting in the tub and drinking water out of the faucet, trying to disturb me when I read and cuddling with each other. As you can see below. 

They get along perfectly fine with their bunny brothers. As long as Tiger does not try to sleep on Tiffie's favorite chair. Then Tiffie jumps on him and scares him away. The bunnies are definitely in charge, there is no doubt. 

They are such cuddly and loving cats. When you sit down on the couch, Tiger will immediately jump on your lap and Lumpi will curl up next to you - and then you are not allowed to leave anymore. 
Tiger usually wakes me up every morning exactly ten minutes before my alarm goes off. He's the best alarm clock you can imagine, that is for sure. 
These guys bring a smile on my face every day. And I am so thankful that they are a part of my family.

And of course, here's the queen: my dad's cat Jerry who is basically my sister. She is 11,5 years old and a bit of a diva. Which means she always gets what she wants. But who can resist that pretty face?

She loves eating, sleeping, meowing and cardboard boxes. Especially cardboard boxes. Lots of cardboard boxes. Big and small. No cat beds. Just cardboard boxes. One time I got her a new cat bed as a present but she only cared for the cardboard box it got delivered in. I think she has at least 6 or 7 to choose from at any time.

So now I am curious about your feline companions. Please tell me something about them!
Have a great rest of the week! And link up with Erin, of course!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet the.....bunnies!

Hallo meine Lieben, 

I know, I know. I have not posted in a while but I am trying to keep up with all your blogs and I am hoping to post more regularly soon again. 
Today is a very special occasion: I am linking up with my lovely friend Erin from TexErin-in-Sydneyland! And today's topic is "Meet the canines". I guess now you are thinking that I am cheating and I kind of am...but I am not a dog mommy (yet) but Erin said that bunnies would be okay as well. And since my bunnies are super-awesome I thought you might want to read about them. Make sure to check back next week for "Meet the felines" (and link-up of course!). And of course hop over and say hi to Erin, she loves books and animals and is overall fantastic!

So here we go: my bunny family members Findus and Tiffie. 

One afternoon a friend of mine knocked on my door and when I opened her she was standing there with the tiniest cutest bunny in her hands: it was Tiffie. She rescued him (at that point I thought Tiffie was a girl though) from a really bad situation and knew how much I love animals and that I always talked about adding bunnies again to my family. So there we were, me totally unprepared but absolutely in love with the little creature and her in desperate need for a home for the bunny. So of course Tiffie moved in with me. But bunnies are very social animals and do not like to live alone. They need a bunny companion. I knew the cats wouldn't be enough (although the bunnies love their feline brothers...most of the time). The next day I checked the internet and of course there were homeless bunnies in desperate need for a home. I called the shelter, went there, saw Findus and had to take him home with me because he reminded me of my bunny Knuffi who lived with me when I was a child. 

Shortly after, Tiffie got really sick. He had a really bad infection which he probably got before he moved in with me. Of course this got Findus sick too. They both stopped eating and were in really bad shape. The first vet I talked to in the animal clinic told me that she did not see a chance for them. I requested another vet. Findus and Tiffie are fighters and I believed that they could make it. I had to feed them with a syringe every couple of hours and they had to take lots of medication. We basically lived in the animal clinics because we went there every day. Sometimes twice. The first couple of weeks of their lives were not that great...but as you can see: they made it! And they are happy and healthy bunnies who will celebrate their 6th birthdays next month!

I cannot put into words how much I love these guys and how happy they make me. Even the cats love them a lot. They like to sleep in the bunnies' room (yes, they have their own room, I had my clothes and shoes in there before but of course the bunnies deserved the room) and the bunnies are fine with that...most of the time. Sometimes Tiffie gets annoyed when my cat Tiger sleeps in his spot and then just jumps on his back to make him go away. It always works. 

Findus and Tiffie love to chase each other (and the cats), they love sleeping (especially in their bed (yes, they have a wooden bed with blankets and pillow) and eating (mostly carrots, apples, dried dandelion and other good stuff), they clean each other and hang out in the sunshine. They dislike grooming, driving in the car, going to the vet and when I go on their nerves. 

Those guys make me happy every single day.

Please come back next week to meet the cats. And of course link up with Erin.

Thanks for reading!