Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A book hoarder, lots of socks and a really big carrot. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going fine. You can link up with my friend Alyssa here.

1. A beautiful story of an activist saving a baby swan who got stuck in a fence and dealing with a confused mama swan. I am happy people like this exist. 

2. All I can say here is "Aww"!

3. My bunnies surely love carrots. And apples, but only certain kinds. They are picky eaters. 

4. I went to another flea market on Sunday and it was a bookish success. More about that later. Let's just say I bought enough books for one week. 

5. I bought overknee socks yesterday and I cannot describe how happy they make me. I love having warm feet - and legs. I also bought some socks with dogs and tigers on them. Could not say no. Warm feet are important. 

6. I need this pillow. 

7. I am happy to have Chicago Fire back. Any shows you are excited about? Have you checked out any new shows yet? 

8. So true. 

9. I think I really need a new bookshelf. It is getting ridiculous. I don't know where to store my books anymore. They are everywhere. 

10. 22 things that belong in every bookworm's dream home. My favorites are #2, #4, #14, #17, #18, #21 and I would add a fireplace, an old armchair and a globe bar. 

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I have some confessions to make.

Hallo meine Lieben,

happy Saturday! I hope you can all enjoy the weekend. I will go to another flea market on Sunday so hopefully I can find some more books to buy.

Oh, most importantly: Happy International Rabbit Day! Tiffie and Findus are surely enjoying it. Give your bunnies some extra hugs. And please buy cruelty free and don't wear fur!

I confess....

... I currently eat marzipan on a daily basis.

... I love to eat at midnight. 

... I do not work out as much as I want to right now. 

... I could not stop myself from buying books this week. 

... I know more facts about the tv show ER than I know facts about the stock market. 

... I do not really care how exactly the stock market works. There are more interesting things in the world. 

... I am thinking about doing an Icelandic language course. 

... This video is so cute that I cannot stop watching. 

... I do not care about most holidays but I like Halloween.

... I like poppy seeds way too much. When I bake then I always want to add them. 

... I spent two hours sorting my crime novels last night. 

... I have a bookshelf for my crime novels and the books are chronologically sorted by author. 

... I also have a section for my Adrian Mole diaries, my Harry Potter books and all my vegan books. 

... All my other books are not sorted at all. It's a mess. 

... I have teapots which I never use. But they are fantastic decoration. 

... I own lipstick but never use it. 

Anything you want to confess? Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Licorice mint tea, a trip to the book flea market and Fast Against Slaughter. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

hope your week is going well and not too stressful. I am surely enjoying the nice fall temperatures and the sunshine. You can link up with my friend Alyssa here.

1. 15 types of readers, as told by cats and dogs. I have been pretty much all of them at some point in my life - well, except of #15. But the cat is still adorable. 

2. I would call my trip to the book flea market a success. I scored 19 new books. Cannot wait to read all of them. As you can see, Tiger is excited as well.  17 of the 19 books are crime novels by the way. 

3. I will go to another flea market on Sunday (not just for books though) and I am hoping to find even more books. 

4. I bought this licorice mint tea last week and I am loving it!

5. I will fast against slaughter on October 2 -  in remembrance and solidarity with the tremendous suffering of farm animals. You can read more about it here. Want to join me? 

6. A cat person's pantry. Looks familiar. I love Cat versus Human. It all reminds me of my life with cats. 

7. 20 years of ER! Love that show. Time to re-watch it. Need to see some Rocket Romano. 

8. I want to be Charlie. Sadly, there are still humans  who do not act this way. Stop the seal slaughter!

9. A higher life form? Please watch this short video by Steve Cutts.

10. I want to make some rice paper rolls...any good recipes you can share with me? 

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Thank you so much for reading!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I ♥ autumn.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend! Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year and here is why....

These two look like baby Tiger and baby Lumpi!

...beautiful colors.
...the smell.
...fallen leaves.
...walks on sunny fall days.
...spending a rainy weekend on the couch with lots of books. And pets.
...hot chocolate with almond milk.
...Halloween decoration.
...fall TV shows.
...cuddling with the pets.
...hot water bottles.
...warm sweaters.
...eating lots of soup.
...reading magazines.
...fall shopping.
...learning how to sew.
...fuzzy socks and slippers.
...watching a lot of movies.
...flea markets.
...knitting (or at least trying to knit).
...horror movies.
...making jack-o-lanterns.
...trying out new recipes.
...lots of cooking book reading. 
...stealing walnuts from the neighbor's tree. 
...apple picking. 
...eating marzipan.
...wearing a coat.
...listening to the rain.

What is your favorite season? What do you like about autumn?

Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The healing power of cat purrs, a feline teapot and a hot chocolate addiction. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

how is your week going? Hope you're all doing fantastic. You can link up for Ten On Tuesday on my friend Alyssa's blog

1. Fall is coming...because all I want to drink right now is hot chocolate, made with hazelnut or almond milk. 

2. Alyssa posted this Peter Dinklage gif here and it always makes me laugh. And of course you must love him because he fights for animal rights. 

3. 50 reasons to adopt a cat. There are definitely more than 50 reasons. But yeah, adopt a cat! 

4. This warms my book lover's heart: There will be a new Indriðason novel in December and a new Sigurðardóttir  novel by the end of September. But I am still trying to figure out how long I have to wait for the 6th Carl Mørck case. 

5. I need this. 

6.  If you need a good laugh, click here.

7. The healing power of cat purrs. See 14 ways your cat improves your health here.

8. The cove runs red and it makes me sad and angry. Stupid humanity.

9. Tiffie is doing fine but he always freaks out when I try to apply the salve to his skin. Understandable. He's a brave little guy. 

10. On Sunday I will go to a flea market just for books. I am beyond excited. 

Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I found the idea for this post on Christina's blog and I thought it would be a fun idea to do something similar to sum up the week. 

Current book - "Suspect" by Michael Robotham. I saw another book of the series during on of my book store visits and decided to start with the first one (obviously). It's about a London psychiatrist who solves crimes. I do not like this cover of the book, the German cover looks a lot better, just saying. 

Current playlist - Old songs from the 50's and 60's.

Current color - Grey. I might need a new couch at some point soon and I want it to be grey.

Current food - This Chia & Coconut Roo'Bar was so good that I want to try some other flavors now. Especially licorice. The cola wasn't bad either. 

Current favorite show - Still obsessed with Chicago Fire. Also ER will be my all-time favorite. 

Current need - Motivation to work out today. 

Current indulgence - Hot chocolate, made with almond milk. Fall is coming. 

Current mood - indescribable. 

Current favorite quote

Current wish list item. - Black booties for fall and a ton of books. 

Current movie - Fack ju Göhte. There aren't many German movies I like but a friend recommended this to me and I have not laughed that much in a long time. 

Current magazine - Kochen ohne Knochen, a German magazine full of articles about animal rights and vegan recipes. 

Current item of clothing - My black, back-stichted faux leather jacket. Finally the weather to wear it again. And my Jill Milan bag which I love dearly. 

Current drink - Hot chocolate and tea. As I said, fall is coming. 

Current beauty product - MuLondon moisturisers. They are the best. 

Current shoes - warm, fuzzy house slippers because I hate having cold feet. And I am still in love with these beauties.

Current hate - I have read so many horrific animal abuse stories in the last couple of days and it makes me sick and sad and angry. 

Current item to make my home prettier - This is just fantastic. 

Current workout routine - Still trying to do my Jillian Michaels workout three times a week. Only did it twice so far which means that I have to force myself to do something today. On a Sunday. 

Current worry - Tiffie has some problems with his skin/fur right now. He got a shot and I am treating him with balm twice a day so I hope it will be better soon. He does not seem to mind, he is eating and playing like usual. 

How was your week? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Party never, organic cola and my cat population friends. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

hope you are all doing great and enjoying your week. You can link up with my friend Alyssa here.

1. I enjoy watching the SciShow which covers topics such as "How do animals re-grow limbs (and why can't we?)?", "How do we measure the distance of stars?", "What happens after you flush?", "Inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone", "The science of chocolate" and "What we do with dead bodies". 

2. Roo'Bars taste pretty fantastic. That cola was good as well. 100% organic. Sometimes I really need my sugar.

3. Did you watch ER? If so, which ones was your favorite and least favorite character? I am totally in the mood to re-watch this show. The "problem" is that there are 15 seasons and I won't be able to watch those anytime soon.

4. Saw this on Instagram and it made me laugh. 

5. I need to do some fall shopping. I need some new black booties, that's for sure. Also a beanie and a warm sweater would be nice. 

6. That's me. Surrounded by books. 

7. I discovered a fantastic company called "Animal Hearted" and I feel like I need one of their shirts. You need to show your support for great companies and a great cause. 25% of the proceeds will go directly to fund a no kill animal shelter. 

(Not just the cat population...)

8. My current food addiction is anything sweet. It's pretty bad. 

9. Last week was Jerry's 11th birthday! I love her!

10. Why do cats usually like the box better than the gift that was in the box?

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't worry be happy.

Hallo meine Lieben,

hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here is a list of things that have the potential to make me happy. I try not to worry to much and concentrate on the positive things in life. 

- having animals around
- reading a book
- nature
- vegan cookie dough ice cream
- my family & friends
- making David laugh
- when my pets want to cuddle with me
- when my bunnies yawn
- being in a book store
- going to flea markets
- beautiful plants
- reading a magazine
- learning something new
- getting mail (good one)
- all the wonderful friends I made online
- salt & vinegar chips
- drawing
- painting
- re-decorating
- looking at all my books
- helping animals
- being vegan
- knowing that I can count on my friends
- vanilla pudding
- tea
- helping others
- going (window) shopping
- finding vegan products
- cooking
- pursue my dreams
- making others smile
- traveling
- candles
- sleeping
- a movie night
- a sunny fall day
- hot chocolate
- peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
- feeling appreciated
- fall colors
- having warm feet
- animals
- watching old ER episodes
- laughing
- being in relatively good health
- when my loved ones are happy and healthy
- having a big pile of books to read
- when I can stay warm
- hot water bottles
- chocolate
- warm blankets
- music
- museums
- libraries and book stores
- looking at old pictures
- seeing animals
- trees
- being creative

This is clearly not the end of the list so I might have to add some things to it. But those are definitely some of the things that brighten up my day.

What makes you happy? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A batcat, a cat pretzel and the three meowskeeters. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

and happy Tuesday! You can link up for Ten On Tuesday with my friend Alyssa here!

1. I am having a really annoying headache for days and I don't know why. I am definitely drinking enough so that can't be the reason.

2. I feel bad for this little dude. He seems brave and determined though. And so adorable! Must love penguins. I am glad his mama comes over to check on him. 

3. Bat cat. 

4. Last weekend I was invited to a birthday party. I was the only vegan there so I offered to bring some vegan food which the host refused. More than once. So when I got there I was surprised to see that there were lots vegan options for me - I even got a "cheese" plate. I felt a little bad that they made such an effort for me but on the other hand it was really really nice and I felt so thankful. It must have been a lot of extra work. I usually bring something to eat when I am invited somewhere. 

5. A goat who relaxes is a hammock - which she build all by herself!

6. My cats have mastered all of them. 

7. I bought some chocolate cookie dough ice cream made of oats last week and my only complain is that there could be a lot more cookie dough for my taste. I love cookie dough. By the way, the best part of baking a cake is to eat the remaining dough out of the bowl. 

8. I need a beanie for fall. Even tough I always feel like I look like an idiot wearing them. But I prefer having warm ears so I do not care that much. The best option would be to knit one myself but I still need to finish the scarf I started knitting last year. Fail. 

9. Are there any new shows starting this fall which you are excited to check out? I don't know about new shows yet but I am definitely excited for more Chicago Fire. 

10. Crazy cat lady. 

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Thank you so much for reading!