Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crazy cat lady sneakers, a surprise package and a vegan feast. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

how are you doing? Hope everything is alright and you all had a fantastic Easter weekend, no matter if you celebrated it or not. I am linking up with my friend Alyssa.

1. I got the loveliest surprise package from my friend Miki in the mail today! I am speechless! She is such a sweetheart and she totally made my day! Love you, girl! Thank you so so much!

2. Guess who got the coolest crazy cat lady sneakers? Me! I am so in love. 

3. My family invited me for Easter lunch and my Dad's cousin made all of the food vegan (well, except of the fish). How nice is that? I got a vegan lasagna, a vanilla dessert with caramelized mango and pineapple, different salads and grilled veggies, rice with almonds, beetroot with arugula, apple pie, a dessert with chocolate and nuts, grilled potatoes....as you can imagine: I ate way too much.

4. Happy Earth Day everybody! The planet needs our help. Be responsible.

5. Tomorrow is World Book Day. Which means that I will spend the day reading as much as possible. And I will buy a new book. I need to celebrate.

6. I can't even put into words how addicted I am to Criminal Minds. I really hope that show will never end. 

7. I have read that the Game Boy turned 25 recently. Did you have a game boy as a kid? What was your favorite game? I loved Super Mario Land. And Tetris. And Dr. Mario.  I still have my Game Boy. And it still works. 

8. Game boy is a pretty weird name for such a little computer thingy. 

9. You can watch a video of a meerkat making friends with a dog on Cute Overload. And here are more meerkats. I wish I would be that photographer. 

10. Celebrities who wear fur are horrible role models and nobody should pay them any attention. 

Have a fabulous week!


  1. 2. Ahh! Those are awesome beyond words!
    5. Perfect excuse to buy a new one! Like you need an excuse...
    7. Yes! Donkey Kong was my favorite!
    Thanks for always linking up!

    1. Haha you are right, I don't really need an excuse to buy books!
      Donkey Kong definitely is lots of fun! I think I need to play all these games again at some point!

  2. These cat sneakers look amazing! I love cat themes! How nice of your Dad’s cousin - it’s lovely when a family member makes something vegan for you! I hope you had a great weekend! Happy Earth Day, Katrin!

    1. I love the sneakers too. They are cute and comfy! :) I did not expect that many vegan options at my relatives' house. It was a nice surprise! Have a great rest of the week, Rika!

  3. I love that Lorax quote, and my brother had a Game Boy growing up I always played the Kirby game. so nice of them to make a vegan meal for you!

    1. Oh right, the Kirby game! It was soooooo much fun! :)) I still own it!
      And I really enjoyed all the vegan food. Maybe a bit too much! :)

  4. Awww you got those shoes! Yay!

  5. 1. So sweet!
    2. Those are great sneakers, good find!
    3. That is really nice of them :)
    4. Happy Earth Day, I love the Lorax!
    5. I want to celebrate world book day, sadly I am stuck in a lecture all night!
    6. I love Criminal Minds, Spencer is the best!

    1. I am really happy I got the sneakers! They are so cute and comfy!
      Hope the lecture wasn't too bad!
      Spencer really is great! I think I love all the characters! :)

  6. I love Criminal Minds too :)

    1. It is such a great show! I can't get enough of it!

  7. Surprise packages are the best!

    I love Meerkats. They're so cute and funny.

    1. They really are the best! :)
      Meerkats are so funny and entertaining! I could sit there and watch them forever!

  8. Aww, Miki is so so so sweet! So wonderful she made you so happy :) :)
    I love those sneakers, they are awesome!
    Isn't it amazing when our family supports is? I'm so happy you had such an amazing Easter meal! And Happy belated Earth Day! I didn't have much time but I went outside in the sunset and enjoyed our earth for a while, just being thankful for all the wonderful things it gives to us :)
    I need to read tomorrow! I had no idea it's World Book Day!
    I still have my GameBoy, too and it still works ;) I loved The Smurfs ;) and Tetris - but my mom would always take it away to play Tetris LOL
    Oh my gosh those meerkats are so adorable. I want to be that guy, too ;)
    Celebrities wearing fur? Grrrrrrrrrr.....
    I hope you're having a good week, sweet Katrin.
    Ich drücke Dich sooooooooooooo feste! :)

    1. Miki really is a sweetheart, it was such a surprise to receive the mail!
      I am sooo in love with the sneakers. They are perfect!
      I am really happy that my family supports me so much and that they even cook vegan meals for me!
      Hope you were able to do some reading!
      I never had the Smurf game but I definitely need to check out all my games again, it was so much fun. Cool that you also still own your Game Boy!
      Have a fantastic weekend! Ich drueck Dich ganz dolle!

  9. Those meerkats are adorable! And your feast sounds amazing. I didn't know about World Book Day--but every day is a book day to me anyway, so I guess that's alright. :P

    1. Haha you are so right. For me every day is World Book Day. :)


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