Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The one with the vegan sweet tooth, the bunny hammock and more bookshelf porn. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

happy Tuesday! Hope you are all having a good time. You can link up with my friend Alyssa here if you wish to do so. 

1. I started playing "Words with friends" with Martha which is a perfect thing to do because it is a lot of fun plus Martha is my friend. If you like playing Scrabble then you should totally start doing this as well. 

2. Last weekend I made the most delicious Christmas cookies I ever ate (Except of the ones my Mama and Oma made of course). I have no idea how they are called, I made the recipe up but they contain all the good stuff. Marzipan, almonds, coconut flakes, dark chocolate, apple sauce and some alcohol. I am pretty sure one has ca 27485 calories and I made 40 of them so you can do the math. But they are worth every calorie plus calories do not count at Christmas time. 

3. Do you have any interesting youtube channels you watch? Maybe vegan or book themed? Or  just something funny in general? 

4. I think my bunnies are in desperate need of a hammock because who does not need a hammock? Bunnies surely do. 

5. I got so excited when I found vegan chocolate Santas in the store that I bought 4 of them. I just cannot resist chocolate. Also bought chocolate covered marzipan, plain marzipan and vegan gummi bears. I also bake at least once a week. Plus my daily hot chocolate. I cannot deny my sweet tooth right now. 

6. I am finally trying to figure out how exactly my camera works. 

7. I want to sleep here, please. Then I do not have to walk that far to get a new book. 

8. And my living room should look similar to this. Just with a comfy couch, maybe a fireplace and a globe bar of course. 

9. I had three car accidents in my life, none of them were my fault. When there is a lot of traffic, driving freaks me out. I prefer to take the bus. 

10. Pretty much. That counts for all animals. 

Have a fantastic rest of the week!


  1. 1. I love Words with Friends! My vocabulary isn't great, but it's still fun to play!

    2. Those sound amazing.....

    5. There is no denying the sweet tooth.

    7. That's cool!

    10. ditto

    1. 1. We should totally play!
      2. They taste soooo good!
      5. I just cannot stop myself!
      10. Glad I am not the only one!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Holy smokes those are some tasty looking cookies. And vegan gummies? Tell me more

    1. The cookies are soooo good! :) I found a store that only sells gummi bears and they have some vegan options. I also like Goody Good Stuff and Surf Sweets!

  3. I love this list and those cookies look amazing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

    1. Thank you so much! The cookies are so good, I cannot stop eating!

  4. Hi Katrin

    hahah! yes, calories do not matter during festive times! That living room (in pink) is just so awesome! and the dog must live till for ever and ever! I just love dogs <3


    1. Yeah, I just cannot watch it when animals get hurt. Even when it is not real. I do like horror movies but all animals must survive!

  5. I loved this post!
    First off, the bookshelf porn, swoooooon
    Second, yes the dog always meeds to survive. I feel like the movie makers who kill off dogs in horror movies or any movie really are just plain mean. They could kill off the main hero and I'd still be like "but but but the dog"
    Also, if you get any good recommendations on book centered YouTube channels please share! I love youtube but I mainly like vlogging , funny, or home decor type channels. I watch some beauty channels as well even though I rarely wear make up. I think I fall in love with the people and just keep watching. Channels like Zoella, Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler, The SaconeJolys and Pointlessblog are my favorite if youre curious to look them up. I also watch Niomi Smart and she talks about eating organic. Not sure if she is vegan though.

    Anyway, loved the post!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa!
      I am a huge fan of bookshelf porn. :) I would love to live in the middle of books. I need my own library. :)
      I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. When I know that an animal will get hurt in a movie then I don't watch it. They can kill of all humans but not the animals.
      Thank you so much for the youtube recommendations! I will check those out! They sound interesting! I will let you know if I find any good book related ones!
      Thank you so much!

  6. Hahaha! That last one is so true!! :) And the staircase in that library - I want that room!

    I have been SO good so far this holiday season about sweets, but I can feel myself losing my resolve. I just need to hang in there for a few more weeks and maybe I'll come out in January the same weight I was going into November! :)

    1. Seems like a lot of people feel that way about the dog! :) I never watch movies like that.
      I guess we both need to live in a library! :)
      Wow, you are doing great! I just can't stop eating marzipan. And those cookies are too good to resist. I guess I should not have made them! :)

  7. Yay books, I am in a reading mood, even more that usual the past few days :)

    Winter is the perfect time for a sweet tooth, enjoy the vegan treats!

    1. That's so cool! I love being in crazy reading mode!
      And thank you, I am enjoying them. Way too much I guess. :)

  8. i don't have funny youtube channel to share but this one always gets me :

    1. Oh that looks great! Thank you so much, Niken!

  9. I don't much like driving this time of year. With all the snow birds coming back for the season, traffic gets treacherous in these parts. A friend told me that a truck almost rear ended me this morning on the way to work. She lives near me and we have the same commute since we both work at the school. I'm so glad that I was unaware, otherwise I would have freaked out.

    1. Oh my, that sounds so scary! I am glad that you are alright and nothing happened! That would have freaked me out as well!

  10. 1. I'm having so much fun playing with you!
    2. Oh my gosh those look delicious! I haven't made any Christmas cookies yet. I bought the ingredients though, so I guess I'm halfway there.
    3. I don't really watch Youtube. I should but I never have time.
    4. That would be so cute!
    5. Ha!
    6. Tech always confuses me.
    7.-8. These are so cool!
    9. Yikes!
    10. I always cry when an animal dies in a book or movie.

    1. 1. It surely is a whole lot of fun!
      2. You are halfway there! I am sure they will be delicious! I would love to share mine with you!
      3. Yeah me neither. But there must be so many interesting videos out there so I thought I need to start!
      4. Already found one online.:)
      10. Me too. It's pretty bad.

  11. 2. I wish I could do that! Just whip some stuff together and come out with something awesome.
    10. Oh me too. Have you ever seen I Am Legend? I bawled like a baby.

    1. 2. Well it does not always work out. :) Sometimes it's great, sometimes not so much.
      10. No, I have not! I guess I could not stand it!

  12. 1. I love love love this game! If you feel like starting a new game with someone, hit me up. My name is linnthegreat
    4. Agreed - even I need a hammock right now.
    5. Yum!
    6. It takes me about 10 years to finally figure out how to fully use something as intricate as a camera or cell phone. So many features.
    8. You remind me so much of Em haha.
    9. I've been in 4 accidents, 1 was totally my fault but I'd rather drive than be driven. Obviously I have trust issues haha.
    10. Word.

    1. 1. Yay! I just started a game with you!
      4. Hammocks rock! I have an outdoor one but I would not mind having one inside!
      6. Yeah, same here!
      8. Hehe. :)
      9. Oh no! 4! I rather drive too. Being driven is even more horrible!
      I hope you are doing fine, Lin!

  13. These Xmas cookies look absolutely yummy, your Mama and Oma are so proud of you and I know they will finish the plate before you even notice! I hardly watch YouTube channels…but I like funny videos or awesome music videos! Hammocks sound like a great idea, can’t wait to know if you have set it up. Three car accidents?! :( I know you had one in Paris, but glad to know youre still alive! I haven’t been in a car accident ever, but I relied on local transportation, walking and mon beau drives all the time haha. X

    1. They are really delicious, Rika! I cannot stop eating them. My mom and grandma both died so I cannot eat their cookies anymore but I try to make my own as best as I can. I mostly watch cute animal videos on youtube. :) I hope the bunnies will like a hammock. :) You never know. I surely prefer public transportation as well but I grew up in a small village so there was no other option. :) I had one as a 3 year old and then two where I drove myself, the one in Paris and one on the Autobahn.


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