Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The one with the black cats and the baby bats. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

hope you are all doing great! You can link up with my friend Alyssa here

1. Did you know that every year humans kill approximately 100 million (!) sharks and 5-7 people on average die from shark attacks? (Humane Society International). So who is the predator?

2. Did you celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on Sunday? I surely celebrate it every single day because my black cat rules. 

3. Martha and I love bats. You can see more pictures and watch a video on Cute Overload, which is one of my favorite sites on the whole internet. 

4. I am in love.

5.  I am officially a fan of scones now. I made some last weekend and liked them. I got a new recipe from Martha and  I cannot wait to bake those because they sound even more delicious than the ones I made. I am also craving pancakes. 

6. I am currently craving pickles and camomile tea. 

7. Some of the exercises in the Jillian Michaels workout are pure evil. They do seem to work because some muscles that I did not even know they existed hurt like crazy. I am sticking to it. 

8. A quote. 

9. I am officially addicted to "Chicago Fire" because I do not feel like watching anything else right now.

10. Me.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a fantastic rest of the week!


  1. 4. I need that!! I don't know if Chris would go for it but OMG!
    8. Yes.
    10. ALL the time.
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. 4. Maybe it's not very "manly" but it's so great! :)
      10. Glad I am not the only one!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Have you been watching Shark Week?? I love it. I have been taping the shows and watching them when I can. So sad how many sharks we kill each year. It makes me so mad. We demonize sharks. And for what?? When they attack us (which is rare), it is US who are in THEIR territory.

    1. No, I have not! I need to try to find some of the shows and watch them! I did not even know that there is something like Shark Week before I came to America for the first time. But it seems to be such a big deal. People need to raise more awareness. Humans do so much harm to sharks, it is horrible. Humans don't need to be afraid of sharks but sharks clearly have to fear humans!

  3. Awww those bats are so cute!!

    The shark thing reminds me of this....


    1. I love bats so much! Those babies are so cute!
      Thanks for sharing this! It is fantastic and so true!

  4. Pickles are always on my crave-able food list - noms

    1. They are soooo good. I can eat a whole jar at once. :)

  5. Batritos!!!!! So cute!!!! I hope you'll like the scone recipe! I think I'll probably make them for my weekend brunch next week.

    I'm the same way about books. I've already starting nipping them up for Christmas packages!! And we have lots of used book shops in our town (though no new shop--we have to drive out for that), so I'm always digging through those stacks for books. I tell myself that it's only a dollar or so for the book and most of them benefit the local libraries, or they're run by a local charity, or something like that--so it's a win-win all around!

    1. I thought you would like the bats! :)
      Oh you'll have a weekend brunch? That is such a great idea. I am sure everybody will love the scones. I cannot wait to make them! Thank you again!

      I just can't stop myself when I find a book I want to read. I love to find used books that are really cheap but in great condition because then I feel like I can give an unwanted book a home. Haha. And if you can even give to a charity that way then it is even better!

  6. I think no animals is a true predator of humans :( It's always the other way round.
    Sunday was Black Cat Appreciation Day? Love that! Good think Molli got cuddles all day long even though I had no idea :)
    I love the Katzen-Bettwäsche!
    And I definitely keep buying books though I still have a ton to read a home ;)
    Ich drücke Dich sooooo dolle, liebste Katrin.

    1. No, unfortunately humans are the predators who are a threat to animals.
      Haha, yeah I guess for Molli every day is black cat appreciation day as well! :)
      There are so many different kinds of cute Bettwaesche out there! Wow!
      I guess we are both addicted to books! :)
      Have a fantastic week, Ich drueck Dich ganz ganz dolle! <3

  7. Bats was the first animal project I’ve worked on when I was in a gifted program for kids. Scones are so yummy, my copain used to make them with lemon drizzle when we started dating, hehe!

    1. Oh wow, that's so interesting about the project! You really are amazing, Rika! Your scones sound very delicious, Rika! How sweet of him to make those for you!


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