Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten On Tuesday! Crime novels, awesome shows and dreams.

Hallo meine Lieben,

another Tuesday, another link-up with my favorite Lin from Linny's Vault!
How is your week going? I hope you are all doing great! You mean a lot to me guys!


My nose is running and I am sneezing all the time but I never get sick. I tell that myself for years and I really never get a cold etc. It just doesn't help against kidney infections. I hate kidney infections. My kidneys can be really stupid sometimes but I am thankful that they are still there.


Wake up!


And yeah: they test on cats and dogs too. I know it is easy to ignore that kind of stuff but it is even easier not to buy stuff from the companies that test on animals. Here is a list of companies that do test but also a list of companies that don't. 


I can't wait to watch the new episode of Castle tonight. I really missed that show. But I am also still addicted to The Mentalist.


Coffee with chocolate soy milk tastes pretty awesome. Next time I will try vanilla soy milk. I also like almond milk a lot. And I really want to try a rice-coconut-drink that I have seen on the internet but not in a store yet.


I really wish I would not be so scared of deep water.


I can't wait to read the newest Hakan Nesser book! I am so excited and I don't want to wait until October 1. 


There will also be a new Indridason book in November. I love to read every day of the year but the best time to read crime novels is in fall.


I really want to have a castle with a library in its tower. With a fireplace, an old comfy chair and a globe bar where I can hide all my alcohol. 


Thank you so much for all your TV show recommendations! I will check them out and I'll start with Criminal Minds!


You guys are awesome!

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday and a fabulous week! I love to read your comments and your blogs and it means so much to me that you guys are always there for me!


  1. hahaha love your dream castle! and also, finally translated the greeting you always used. I liked it! very similar to how I start my posts :)

    1. Yeah, it is! :) I like to use at least some german words. :)

  2. Ahhh hope you feel better. I hate being sick!

  3. I like reading best in the winter, because you feel all cosy and warm. It's even nice when its raining or snowing outside. Plus a big cup of tea obviously!

    1. Yeah, reading AND tea! That's important!

  4. Yay I hope you love Criminal Minds! It's in its 10th season or something so there are a lot of episodes.....

    I also want a library.... how awesome would that be?

    1. It seems like I have a lot to watch! :) I will definitely start this weekend!

      A library would be so wonderful! I would probably spend lots and lots of time there!

  5. It's good you don't often get sick. Now that I work in the daycare, I get sick fairly often. Three times bad enough to have to call out with possibly a fourth if the way I feel tonight gets any worse(and I only call out if I have something we'd exclude a child from care for). I will have to check out your list for places that do/don't animal test. I scanned over it quickly and it looks like at least the brand I recently bought (Cover Girl) isn't on the bad side. I'd love to have a castle and library but I think it would have to be a modern one. Can you imagine the electric bill to heat an old one? (A fireplace is a good start but really only helps a room at a time--I do kind of miss having one though and would like to again someday). I think you will like Criminal Minds. I used to watch it pretty often back in the States.

    1. Oh yeah, I can imagine that you get sick a lot in the daycare! I hope you will feel better soon, dear!
      I am sorry to say that but Cover is a part of Procter & Gamble which is one of the worst companies. They do lots of animal testing. Do you know the drug store dm in Germany? They have lots of cruelty free inexpensive make up (Alverde, P2 etc.). As for American companies Wet'n'wild is cruelty free.
      Haha, yeah, they electric bill in a castle would be terrible!
      I am sure I will like Criminal Minds! Can't wait to start!

    2. Ooh I should have realized they'd be part of a bigger company. I don't think I've been in DM, but I have seen them around. I'll have to check there. I used to use wet n wild growing up but sometimes their stuff was cakey. Is that the only American company that's cruelty free? If so that's pretty sad for us. I actually don't even usually wear makeup most days anymore though.

    3. You should definitely check out dm, they have lots of great stuff. You can find almost everything and it is really inexpensive. And no, wet'n'wild is not the only cruelty free company in America, that was just the first that came to my mind. You can find the companies on http://www.leapingbunny.org or http://www.gocrueltyfree.org.

  6. Where do you get your German books? Do you order them online? I want to start reading more German so that I don't forget how to speak!!

    1. You get some German books at amazon.com but most times my Dad sends me them. You can tell me what you want and I can get it for you!

    2. You may want to check half.com/eBay. The ones I recently ordered were all German w/ a side-by-side English translation (because if I tried to read a book only in German it would take me a month to finish it having to look up every other word), but I would be surprised if you couldn't find some only in German if you're looking for that. Amazon.com might also be a good bet. I got a lot of movies in German off the marketplace for pretty cheap.

    3. I know that you get some German books on amazon. Textbooks are really expensive I think but you can get other ones for cheap. I have to check out half.com, I never tried that!

  7. I hate animal testing...it's ridiculous and awful that they still get away with it. So sad...

    1. Yeah, it is terrible! I really don't understand humanity sometimes!

  8. I'm looking forward to watching the new episodes of Castle too! Love that show :) I'm with you against the animal testing, it makes me sick and sad :( Hope you're having a great week Katrin xoxoxo

    1. Yeah, I watched the episode last night and it was sooo great! Can't wait for more!
      I really wish more people would feel like that!
      Have a great week, sweet Vanisha!

  9. 1. Oh no. I hope it goes away quick. There's nothing worse than having a stuffed up nose.
    3. Castle is still on my dvr waiting to be watched. Im excited about seeing it though.
    5. Deep water totally creeps me out. If I cant touch the bottom it scares the hell outta me.
    8. Yes, and then I could come over & hang and read for hours with you :)
    9. You will NOT be sorry about starting with CM. Its SO good.
    10. No, you're awesome.

    Thanks for linking up, sweets.

    1. I am fine, thank you dear!
      I can't wait for more Castle and the new episode of The Mentalist this weekend!
      I am so glad that I am not the only one who feels like that about #5.
      #8: Hell yeah! :) I would love it!
      #9: I can't wait!
      #10: Aww, thank you so much, you are sooo sweet!


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