Monday, September 24, 2012

Mel's eleven questions.

Hallo meine Lieben,

do you know my friend Mel? Her blog is called Sweet and Lovely and that's exactly what she is! She is so wonderful and you should all hop over to her blog and say hi! She is a German girl with American roots, an awesome photographer and she has such an adorable should really meet her!

On Saturday she posted 11 random facts, answered some really cool questions and it was great to learn even more about her. 
She also posted 11 questions that she wants othrs to answer and that's what I am doing in this post!

Please feel free to join the fun and answer them too!


1:: let's imagine you won a 3 month vacation anywhere you want to go. Where would it be and what would you do?

Oh, that's a though one because there are so many places I want to see. I guess I would have to decide between the Christmas Island and Iceland. On Christmas Island I want to see the famous crabs, hang out at the beach, do a trip on a boat and discover all the secrets of that island. On Iceland I want to see some geysers, travel to all the places I read about in my crime novels and tell people to stop whaling. 

2:: What is your way of relaxing after a very stressful day?

A good book, a bath tub, snuggle up on the couch later, watch some TV shows, drink tea and eat something yummy. And spend some time with David and the pets for sure. They always make me feel good.

3:: Did you have any pets as a child? when yes, what? 

Yeah! We had a cat when I was born and later I got bunnies and guinea pigs. I love animals and I don't really want to live without them. 

4:: high heels or flats? 

I wear flats most of the time but I also have some high heels. I love high heels but I like to be comfortable when I have to walk around a lot. I wear a lot of ballerinas in summer and boots in winter. 

5:: What's your number one comfort food?

Pasta. It makes me happy. Drinking tea also helps.

6:: Current favorite TV show? 

I have so many but I watch a lot of The Mentalist at the moment. I am obsessed. Other shows I love are The Big Bang Theory, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, The Inbetweeners, Emergency Room.....

7::One embarrassing moment you can remember from high school.

It didn't happen in school but after school I walked into a store and I was in a rush and wanted to hurry up.....the floor was wet, I was running, I fell down and everybody stared at me. That was a little embarrassing....

8:: Do you play an instrument? If not, is there one you would really like to play? 

I played saxophone when I was younger and I really want to play it again. I sold mine at some point to get a bass. I had lessons but I had to realize that I am not a very talented bass player. My saxophone playing was better. David is the musician in the family. 
And I would love to play piano!

9:: What would be the first thing you would buy if money were not the problem. 

My dream house. A castle with a library in the tower. With lots of space for animals. 

10:: You have to wear the same outfit for the next two years. What would it be. 

Tricky! I need something warm for winter so I have to wear lots of layers so that I won't get cold. My black winter coat, gloves, a warm scarf, black pants, a cardigan with a top under it, some nice boots, warm socks. I am really scared that I could freeze to death in winter. 

11:: What would your ideal day look like? 

Hmmm....just be together with David and the pets, have some quality time together, have some great food, spend some time outdoors, watch a good movie, drink some wine, read a good book, maybe go to a bookstore.....

Have a wonderful week, lovelies!


  1. Love this post! I like your anwswers too!

  2. Loved reading your answers!!
    And oh my goodness what kind words! Thank you so much Katrin!!!! I really appreciate it! This may have made me a little teary eyed....I'm a sap


    1. Aww, you are so sweet, Mel! :)) Hugs!

  3. Your castle with the reading spot sounds pretty tough to beat!


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