Thursday, December 6, 2012

My bizarre food combos. Random Thursday.

Hallo meine Lieben,

it is Thursday again. Which means it is time to link up with some fabulous ladies to talk about a cool topic. 
These are the ladies. 

And that's the topic. 

Hmm, well. I think I ate a lot more weird stuff when I was a kid. My stomach is pretty bad ass so I can eat a lot of stuff without getting sick.

One weird thing is that I love onion chips. You need to know that I hate onions. They are the worst food ever. I can't stand the taste, the smell, the look, the texture. They make me throw up. I mean it. I would never eat anything that contains onions. Except of onion chips. Love the taste, don't know why. But in my opinion, they have nothing in common with regular onions. They don't smell like onions, they don't taste like onions, don't look like onions. You could call them gillutizipi chips and it would be fine. 
So yeah, that's the only way I could ever eat onions. 
Pfui, onions.

Okay, that's not a weird combination yet.
So: I really like to dip onion chips into vanilla soy yogurt. It tastes delicious. Believe me. 
I guess that counts as a weird combination. 

You can use vanilla soy yogurt for pretty much anything. I recently made a vanilla chili dip which was delicious. I also use it for salad dressing. 

When I was a kid I liked cheese with Nutella. Or carotts with chocolate sauce. Or pasta with brown sugar and fruits.

I really feel like I need to try some new exciting combos. Any recommendations?

Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. My husband and I are right there with you, we hate onions. I like to cook with onions (hate chopping), but do not like to bit into anything remotely of an onion flavor. However, sour cream and onion chips are my fav!

  2. Chips mit Buttermilch ist auch soooooo lecker ;) Nudeln in süß ist doch nicht seltsam ^^ Die kann man auch gut mit cottage cheese & Zucker essen. *nomnomnom*

  3. I can't believe you don't like onions! I love them. Well, when they are cooked anyway. I don't love raw onions though I will still eat them.

    My weird combo lately is hummus, pickles, and cheese together in a wrap. Oddly delicious. ~Stephanie

  4. Nudeln mit Backobst! Lecker!
    Kaese und Nutella....gabs bei mir frueher auch!
    Ich mag Spaegetthi mit weisem Joghurt. Da kann dann Knoblauch rein oder auch nicht! Schmeckt beides lecker!
    Kaese mit Marmelade auf nem Bagel ist gerade mein Favorit! :)

  5. HA cheese with nutella definitely seems strange!

    I have this theory that ranch dressing is good on EVERYTHING. And if it isn't, then peanut butter can replace it, i.e. ice cream.

  6. But cheese and nutella go great together! Not quite so sure about the other combinations though ;) Happy weekend girl!

  7. Hmm...probably my weirdest combo is that I put avocado in my chocolate pudding, but it's amazing :D

  8. Katrin, nooo! Those combos sound terrible, hahaha! I can eat pretty much whatever but I dislike meals that combine sweet and salty :/.

    I used to hate onions, too, but now I kinda like them ... because, you know, I now seem to like old people's foods, hehe. When you say onion chips, do you mean Funyuns? David swears by them.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, my awesome friend! ;D

    Tight hugs to you and the pets!

  9. pasta with brown sugar and fruits!?

    yup I consider that a strange combo but to each their own!

  10. Ive never heard of anyone eating carrots with chocolate sauce. Talk about getting your kids to eat healthy, haha.

    Thanks for linking up sweets!


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