Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten On Tuesday. Vampire-dogs, zombies and books.

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

how are you doing? Thank you so much for reading and being such awesome friends. Really. You guys rock!

Lin can't host the Ten On Tuesday this week so Amber is taking over this week! Thanks Amber! And Lin, I am thinking of you!

So here are the ten random things I need to tell you this week. 


I am a little sad about the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. I don't really want to wait until February to see more.
On the other hand, I have so much other stuff to watch that I won't get bored.


I am a very impatient person.


Andrea is so going on my nerves. She wasn't that stupid in the first season. Am I right? I really hope she will finally do something good and rescue Daryl from the shitty Governor. The show Governor does not look like the comic Governor at all.


I like starting fires. I just can't help myself. But I am also very scared of fire. Kind of a childhood drama. Although nothing bad ever happened. 
I know, I don't make sense all the time. 


I like watching Mindy Project but I don't really like Mindy. Is that normal? Not to like the main character of a show?


I always watch Grey's Anatomy and I don't like the main character either. But I never stopped watching it. 


I want to learn how to sew my own clothes. I saw some flowery pants and it would be awesome to be able to make my own.


I am in love with my new vampire-dog shirt.



I started to read the new books by Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Hakan Nesser and I love both of them. I wish I'd have more time to read.


I find myself really lame today. Excusez-moi. I have a headache. 

I hope you are doing fine, my friends! I am thinking of you! Can't wait to catch up with your blogs!



  1. I think I need to watch The Walking Dead. I haven't started it yet.... ~Stephanie

  2. 1. I couldnt agree with you more. I was like, 'No no no, you cant just end here!' haha. Also, I'm super annoyed with Andrea. Again.
    2. We're twins!
    3. She's super annoying. For a while there I was thinking it'd be best for them to kill her off & leave Lori. Ugh.
    4. Fire is beautiful. I'm scared as hell of it cause those burns hurt like a mofo but its still so pretty.
    5. Ok, you need to move to CA so we can be IRL bff's. I think this about SO many shows.
    6. Agreed. Meredith gets on my last nerve, she's so not pretty either. Im aware that's completely irrelevant but it just had to be said.
    10. Feel better hon. And just so you know, this 10 was totally not lame. It rocked.

    Thanks for the love & still linking up!

  3. I'm the same with #2, although sometimes I can be too patient which somehow upsets some people for no good reason.

    hope you have a great day!

  4. 5. Not weird at all. And I don't even like to look at her.
    8. That's so cute!

  5. I am so very impatient too! And my husband is the opposite and he takes his time with everything which drives me nuts! And I wish I could sew my own clothes too, it's something my sister and I wished we could do together but neither of us can! xoxox

  6. On Grey's Anatomy: I actually really miss Meredith's dark days. Why is she so happy all the time now?

    On Walking Dead: I am trying SO hard to get into it but as of yet (4 episodes), nope. I usually love the popular shows. I shall keep trying.

  7. I'm going to need that vampire dog t-shirt. I'm off to have a wee look on Zara.com and am keeping my fingers crossed that it's there! :)

  8. Haha, that is a really cute shirt!

    I still have not watched the Walking Dead. I am finishing Dexter then starting Sanctuary.

  9. Hope your headache goes away quickly! I have sort of always wanted to learn how to sew my own clothes, but never gotten around to learning it. I am quite tall and often it's hard to find trousers long enough, it would be wonderful to make my own that fit perfectly. And fabulous dresses and skirts, and whatever else of course!

  10. Hahaha! #4. Katrin! Seriously? :p

    Oh, I only watched the pilot episode of the Mindy Project and never watched it again because I didn't like Mindy, hehe.

    And I'm lame every day :/ ...

    Hope you're having a great day, sweet Katrin! ;D

  11. Sad about the mid season break as well...don't want to wait!
    Impatient? Me? Noooooo, not at all! haha
    Happy weekend xxx

  12. That shirt is awesome! But I'd like one with a kitty better :D

  13. Love that shirt!

    That's funny that you're kind of a schizo pyromaniac. I want to set a fire, but I'm afraid of it. I think I am the same way too though because I love fires, I'm just paranoid about catching the wrong thing on fire!! Especially if it's a campfire or something and there are dogs on the loose!

    1. I am loving this shirt so much! :)

      Yeah, it is really weird about the fire. As a kid I was always scared that our house could burn down, I don't know why.


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