Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten On Tuesday. Ice cream, cupcakes and lots of cuteness.

Hallo meine Lieben,

it's time for another Ten On Tuesday post so here we go.

1. I am so thankful for my kitties....they are so wonderful and always make me feel good. Thank you guys for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday!

2. My mean word of the week is "laugh" because it is just a really stupid word. 

3. I barely drink coffee right now and I don't know why. I guess I am just really obsessed with tea right now. I have been drinking lots of coconut and pineapple tea lately. And my Irish breakfast tea of course. 

4. My food addictions include watermelon and some weird vegan cookies that you always get when you order a coffee in Germany. 

5. Have you ever tried any vegan ice cream in America? Which one is the best?

6. Another book shelf which is not very practical but awesome.

7. I am in love with our neighbor's cat. He looks so smart and wise and I adore him.

8. Started to watch a new show and I am hooked. It is called "Family tree" and Chris O'Dowd is in it. Enough reason to love that show. 

9. I really want to get into baking again. It is such a relaxing thing to do and in the end you have some yummy awesomeness to eat (well, in the best case scenario). I think I'll start with these coconut kiwi cupcakes.

10. And now I am hungry and need to find something to eat. I think I have eaten broccoli every day for the past two weeks. Is that weird? I don't think so. I really really like broccoli in all variations. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. So Delicious is the best vegan ice cream I've found yet; it's made with almond milk so it's dairy-, soy- and gluten-free. Purely Decadent is made with soy milk and it's okay, but the soy taste is kind of strong.

    Those cupcakes look so delish!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations, Martha! I need to get some So Delicious ice cream as soon as possible! :)
      And yeah, the cupcakes look so good! I am getting hungry!

  2. #1 - cute pair

    #2 - I don't think I've say that word aloud much - although sometimes I misspell it for no good reason.

    # 3 - I've never like coffee and have now completely stop drinking tea. I prefer juices, especially mango juices.

    #4 - I thought you say veggie (instead of vegan) cookie, silly, right? or does such cookie exist?

    #5 - I have not try any vegan ice cream as I've not seen any. aren't all ice cream vegan since there's no meat? I guess that means I have no clue what vegan means.

    #6 - sweet! I think it's more art than shelf

    #7 - I think he may be casting a spell with his bright eyes...

    #8 - never heard of him but then again, I don't watch that much tv

    #9 - looks yummy

    #10 - broccoli - the only vegetable that I am willing to eat cook in any way. so, it's probably not bad to eat it for two weeks.

    happy belated birthday!

    & hope you have a great day.

  3. oops, I meant happy birthday to your cats but then you also have a july birthday right?

    guess it's okay to wish happy birthday to you and your kitties, right?

    1. #1 - thank you!
      #2 - i try to avoid it as much as i can!
      #3 - mango juice is sooo good! i need to get some!
      #4 - i am not sure about a veggie cookie but i do like carrot or zucchini cake!
      #5 - vegan means the ice cream is made without dairy and eggs (i guess there are no eggs in ice cream but i don't know for sure). so usually the ice cream is made with coconut or soy milk.
      #6 - it is definitely art!
      #7 - yeah "give me food, give me more"...
      #8 - it really is a great show, i like british shows.
      #9 - i really need to try to make them!
      #10 - that is absolutely okay and sweet, my birthday is on saturday! thank you, lissa! and have a sweet day!

  4. Oh, I wish I could bake..but I don´t have an oven!!

    Kitties, are just great :)

    1. oh, that complicates it a bit! :) i would send you some but i guess they won't survive the flight! :)

      kitties are awesome! :)

  5. Ha ha, your neighbor's cat really looks a little judgemental ;-) Love that bookshelf!

    1. haha, he really does! but he is a sweetheart!

  6. Oh wow I never heard of coconut tea sounds awesome. Your kitties are to cute and your neighbors cat looks just like one our cats.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. It tastes so delicious!
      That's so cool that the neighbor's cat looks like your cat! I am sure he or she is a sweetie! My cats say thank you!

  7. I've been watching Family Tree too! It's so funny I can't stand it! Have you ever seen the movie, Waiting For Guffman? If you like Family Tree, you'll love that movie :)

    1. It really is funny! Love that show!
      And no, I have never seen that movie, I haven't even heard about it. But I just read about it and it sounds hilarious! I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!
      Happy weekend, Sara!


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