Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ice cream heaven, books are better and frog noises. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

happy Tuesday! You can link up with Alyssa here.

1. I really need to try some of the new recipes in my cooking books. I am so tired of all the stuff I usually cook. It is time for something new. 

2. I started to watch the second season of Orange Is The New Black and I have to say that I don't don't care that much about Piper. There are so many other more interesting characters. I have only watched two episodes so far and the second one was my favorite because there was no Piper in it. 

3. I was in vegan ice cream heaven. Coconut, peanut and almond. I want more. 

4. Have you watched the The Fault In Our Stars movie? How is it? I am usually not a huge fan of movies based on books because they always destroy my vision of the characters etc. but I think I need to see this one. And yes, there are some good movies based on books. 

5. Right now, I just want to eat cherries all day long. And ice cream. 

6. One of my friends will adopt a kitten in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately one of her cats died a couple of months ago and now she wants a new companion for her lovely black cat. Can't wait to meet the new kitten. 

7. I sometimes wonder how long I could read without taking a break. Reading rocks. 

8. I signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge. You can read more about it on my friend Martha's blog.

9. I have a new favorite animal. The desert rain frog. I mean, look how cute a desert rain frog is. And then listen to the noises the animal makes.

10. You need ca. 15000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of beef.  

Have a happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading!


  1. 2. I was FURIOUS at the end of the first episode! Alex sold her down the river!
    4. I've heard it sticks REALLY close to the book.
    9. Aww!
    Thanks for always linking up! Hope yall are doing well!

    1. Yeah, I expected Alex to do something really really stupid! :(
      Really hope the movie will be good!
      Thanks sweetie! :)

  2. I still need to watch Orange Is The New Black. Everyone raves about it. And how awesome that your friend will be adopting a new kitten. Hopefully the new kitten will be a wonderful companion for her and her other cat. And I have never had coconut ice cream. I'm intrigued. Oh, and speaking of frog sounds, Beate and I have a disagreement. I say they make a "Riiiibbit" sound, she says they make a "quak" sound. Please solve this argument for us. And don't be afraid to tell her she's wrong :)

    1. I am pretty sure that you would love Orange Is The New Black. It is such a good show! Really good! I hope my friend's cat will like the new kitten! :) I have seen a picture of the kitten and he is sooo cute. And oh, coconut ice cream! So good! You should try the So delicious ice cream, they have so many great flavors!
      Hmm, well, in Germany we say that frogs make a "quak" sound. :) I do agree that it sounds pretty weird...I just listened to some frogs on youtube. I have to say that I never interpreted it as a "riiiibit" sound but maybe you have different frogs in your area. :)

  3. Hi Katrin

    This is a really interesting post!
    I love Ice creams!! yesterday only I had a big bar of chocolate bomber :D
    A new animal is like a new baby in the family and kittens..they are unfairly cute! Please post some pics of that cutie pie kitten :)
    watz 30 day yoga challenge? doing yoga in such scorching summers here is itself a challenge..hahah!

    This frog looks like a clod of sea sand!

    1. Thank you, Ankita!
      I love ice cream and chocolate so much! Could eat it every single day!
      I would love to adopt another animal too! Hope that will work out soon! I will definitely post some pictures of the new kitten!
      The 30 day yoga challenge sounds interesting, you get a link to a yoga video every day, it's only 20 minutes so I guess that should be doable. I guess I will do it late at night when it isn't that warm! :)
      The frog really is hilarious!

  4. That ice cream looks so delicious! And how lucky for your friend that she's getting a new kitten! I hope it will get along with her other cat.

    That frog is so funny looking! But all frogs are I think, in a cute way. :)

    1. The ice cream was soo good! I would love to have that every day! :)
      She is so excited about the new kitten! I hope her other cat and the kitten will get along!
      I do love frogs as well, they are always so cute!

  5. haha, I'm with you on the reading, sometimes I think I need to give up work so I can fit all my reading in :)

    1. Haha, I totally know what you mean! Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to read all day long?

  6. Wait, Katrin, I’ve this amazing cookbook I must recommend you and I will be posting a review on it soon this month, you can find the cookbook here: http://goo.gl/hCKONh. I made her salted caramel coconut ice cream (and I don’t have an ice cream maker) and it was amazing. All of her recipes are gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. And may I add, whiskey & cherries ice cream?

    I started watching Orange Is the New Black few months ago and totally forgot about it. Was it worth to watch the 1st season?

    1. Oh wow, that book looks awesome! Definitely like something I would enjoy! Thanks for the recommendation! I have to check it out and I can't wait to read your review. Salted caramel coconut ice cream sounds heavenly! I am a bit obsessed with ice cream right now! Oh wow, whiskey and cherries? So cool!

      I definitely recommend watching Orange Is The New Black! I enjoyed it a lot. I am not a huge fan of the main character but there are so many other interesting characters!

  7. What's your favourite kind of vegan ice cream? I've got to find some dairy-free ones for my momma

    1. I really love the So delicious ice cream:
      My favorite is the cookie dough but they have lots of great flavors. You can look them up online. They sell it at Kroger for example. I also heard good things about this:
      Hope that helps!


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