Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fussball madness, zucchini-pizza and a snow goat love. {Ten On Tuesday}

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are all doing fine. Again, I am so sorry for my lack of posts right now. I have so many things I want to tell you about but I just don't find the time right now. So please be patient with me, I will be back soon.
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1. Yay Germany! That game was fantastic. I am really impressed! Hope Mats Hummels won't miss the next game, we need him. Do you guys watch the World Cup? The American team won too so they are now 2nd in their group!

2. I guess during the World Cup (or European Cup) is the only time you see the German flag everywhere. In America I am used to all the flag at every corner but Germans are pretty hesitant to show any love for their country. But there are different rules during an important soccer tournament. 

3. Please sign this petition to help end horrific experiments on pregnant sheep. They are injected with alcohol to simulate the effects of binge drinking. When their fetuses are near-term, the sheep are killed and the lambs are removed and killed so that their brains can be studied. Trust me, that does not help any mother or child. They are doing these experiments for more than 17 years and received more than $4 million in federal funding. And for what? To know that alcohol is bad when you are pregnant? I just can't believe the world sometimes....please help by signing and sharing!

4. I started to watch Pretty Little Liars and I never expected it to be that interesting. Can't watch too much though because I have to catch up with my other shows over the summer plus start to watch some of the shows you guys recommended. Thanks for that again!

5. On Sunday I made zucchini-pizza. Or pizza-zucchini. However you want to call it but I used zucchini instead of pizza dough. Pretty tasty. 

6. I am so in love with Frostie the snow goat. His story makes me incredibly happy. It is important to see that good things happen too.

7. Yes, why wouldn't we?

8. I ate vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce three days in a row. I am trying to tell myself that I totally deserve this but the truth is that I just got totally excited about finding vegan dessert sauces. 

9. On Sunday I made a vegan peanut butter cake with mandarin oranges. Unfortunately it tastes way too good.

10. I want to live there. It's George Lucas' library. 

Happy Tuesday and thanks for reading!


  1. 1. I watched the last ten minutes or so of the USA game yesterday with Chris. It's very exciting!
    3. That is so sad. Now all I can think about is the cute little lamb video I posted.
    5. Yum. Sounds great!
    9. I love me some peanut butter cake!
    Thanks for always linking up!

    1. #1.I am glad USA won! They won't win against Germany though. :)
      #3. It is so horrible to do things like that. And unnecessary.
      #5. It was really good! And healthy!
      #9. I love to use peanut butter when I cook or bake. It is so yummy!

  2. That library is such a dream!!

    1. It really is. I would love to have a library like that!

  3. Vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce three days in a row! That's supposed to be wrong?? IT's RIGHT!!! Beate was so excited about Germany's victory y-day. She said the US and Germany play on Monday. Our two countries going against one another. But I consider Germany my second country now so I wouldn't be upset if we lost to them :)

    1. Haha, it's definitely not wrong per se! I mean, it is delicious and makes you feel happy so it can't be wrong. It can only prevent you from losing 1kg that you gained because of yummy stuff like that. :)
      Well, I am happy that America won but I am sorry that you can't win against Germany. That just won't happen. But I hope you can beat Portugal. It will definitely be an exciting game!

  4. I love zucchini pizza! And that vegan peanut butter cake sounds delish! :-) I found your blog through the Ten on Tuesday link up.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and following, Julie! It means a lot. I love to use peanut butter for baking and cooking, it is just sooo good! And I am glad I tried the zucchini pizza!

  5. Hi Katrin

    I am not a Soccer fan so no comments on that :P
    the sheep experiment is so disgusting and most annoying part is the funding that these idiots have recv. sick :X

    You seem to live up to your surname! So much baking and all! (just a joke)

    Lovely place! I love such libraries :)

    1. I grew up with Fussball, I guess in Germany you just have to love it!

      I agree, it is sick and so horrible to do things like that. It makes me so sad and angry!

      Haha yeah, I guess you are right about that. I am just not very professional!

      Libraries are such wonderful places!

      Have a good day, Ankita!

  6. I hate that people would do experiments like that on sheep! Terrible!

    Yay for vegan desserts! We've been eating apple pie with vanilla ice cream. :) I've never tried a zucchini pizza, but it sounds good!

    That library looks amazing!

    1. It really is terrible. Things like that need to stop!

      Apple pie with vanilla ice cream sounds heavenly! I would not say no to it either! :) And you should try the zucchini thing at some point, it is so good. And healthy. :)

  7. Oh that library is wonderful, although I wouldn't expect any less of Lucas

    1. Yeah, true. It would be nice to spend some time in there!

  8. my god!!!! this year i'm sooooo pissed off!!!!!!
    i have a tight schedule and there's no way i can stay up all night watching the world cup, since i have to get up really really early. dang it!!!!!! i miss all the group qualification games so far. i need to catch up real soon. yay Germany!!!! my friend texted me about it all.

    1. Oh no, I am so sorry you can't watch the games, Niken! I know you like the German team and the match was sooo good! The time difference really makes it difficult sometimes! I hope you will be able to watch at least some games!

  9. I'm not a soccer type of person - but during the soccer World Cup or the European Cup I'm glued to the TV, too, whenever I can :) I hope they'll win again tonight!
    What is wrong with people!?? No alcohol during pregnancy and no binge drinking - what needs to be researched on that?? That is sick!
    Now I want zucchini pizza and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate and caramel sauce for dessert :) I've been eating lots of ice-cream every day lately and I think it's the right thing to do ;) Especially in stressful times.
    I love that video about Frostie! and I so want to live in that library, too :)
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, sweet Katrin.
    Ich drück Dich ganz dolle!! <3

    1. The World Cup or EM are always so exciting! I really really hope we will win the next game. Sorry America! But no chance!
      I really have no idea what is wrong with people. I will never understand. It just does not make any sense and it so cruel and horrible. I guess it is just about money.
      Ice cream is always a great idea, especially when things are stressful! Enjoy yours!
      Frostie is such a sweetie!
      Have a fantastic week, ich drueck Dich nochmal ganz ganz dolle! <3


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