Saturday, June 8, 2013

Alphabet style old school blogging.

Hallo meine Lieben,

hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
My lovely friend Susi from BocaFrau - she is a fellow German who lives in the United States by the way - tagged me and wants me to join this fun game. Thanks, Susi!

I am planning on having a lazy weekend by the way. What about you?

A. Attached or Single? 

Attached to this great guy here:

B. Best friend?

David is my best friend which is very important to me. He's not "just my husband", he is also my best friend and partner in crime. 
My other best friend is Julia. I have known her for my whole life, we've grown up together, went to kindergarten together, watched ER together...She's the best. 

C. Cake or Pie?

I have to admit that I still have no idea what exactly the difference is. Maybe it is like "Torte" and "Kuchen" in German. I don't know. All I know is that I don't like anything with frosting or whipped cream etc. I like dry cake or fruity stuff. 

D. Day of choice? 

Well, Saturday. It is the most relaxed day of the week and that is why I like it. 

E. Essential item?

Do pets count as items? I guess not. Then I have to go with a good book and my iPad. 

F. Favorite color?

I like all colors. It really depends. For clothes I usually prefer black but I also love green and purple a lot. In my house I like brown shades and white with a splash of color. I like pink flowers. I told you...all colors are pretty. 

G. Gummy bears or worms? 

I don't care as long as they are vegan. 

H. Hometown? 

A little town with a population of 700 in the state of Saarland, Germany. Not far away from France, Luxembourg and Belgium. 

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Hmm, I really like chips a lot. And going shoe shopping. 

J. January or July? 

July because my birthday is in July. It's also way too cold for me in January. 

K. Kids?

Furry ones. Cats and bunnies. Tiger and Lumpi for example. 

L. Life isn’t complete without?

David, animals, my family, a reason to smile. Oh, and books.

M. Marriage date? 

November 17, 2011. 

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 

I don't have any brothers or sisters which is kind of sad because I would love to have some. But David's siblings are basically mine too that's cool. 

O. Oranges or Apples?

Both, please. I like all fruits. 

P. Phobias? 

Oh yeah. I am scared to death of deep water. And with deep I mean deeper than 1 m (3,2 feet). I don't get scared very easily but water really freaks me out. 

Q. Quotes? 

We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace. ~Albert Schweitzer

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ~Gandhi

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.

~Albert Einstein

R. Reasons to smile?

Sometimes I struggle with findings things to smile about. There is so much cruelty in this world which makes it hard. But you need to be able to see the good things too. David makes me smile, my friends, animals, reading a good book, spending time in nature, a beautiful flower. The little things in life are the ones that make me smile. 

S. Season of choice? 

Spring and fall. Because you can see all the beautiful colors then. 

T. Tag 5 people. 

BeateCelesteMeg, NikenMartha, Lissa,  Chrissy and Cassie. And everybody who wants to join of course! And yes, I know, I can't count. 

U. Unknown fact about me?

I have an annoying kidney disease. 

V. Vegetable? 

Oh yes, please. I love all vegetables except of onions because onions are evil. I would say my favorites are broccoli, asparagus, chick peas, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, sauerkraut. 

W. Worst habit?

I check a hundred times if the oven is off and the doors are locked. I talk too much when we watch TV. 

X. Xray or Ultrasound? 

None of them if I can avoid it. But I have to get my kidneys checked by ultrasound every once in a while.

Y. Your favorite food. 

I love eating. My favorite is Indian food. I could eat it every single day. I also like Italian, Chinese, Mexican...I love salads. Brötchen. And potatoes. They are the best. 

Z. Zodiac sign? 


Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. i love reading this !
    that 'i don't know about the universe' quote cracks me up.
    have a lovely relaxing weekend Katrin :)

    1. yeah, that quote is pretty awesome!
      enjoy your weekend, niken!

  2. thanks for thinking of me to tag! :)

    as for the cake or pie question, in America you'd be a pie person. they're fruity without any frosting.

    1. thanks for explaining, Cassie! I never know the difference! so i am a pie person! :)

  3. Great quotes!!! I did this whole thing (but changed some of the questions that I thought were silly!) and my blogger went I will post them here!

    A. Attached or Single? Single by choice, focusing on me for the time being!
    B. Best friend? Globally: Katie & Chloe, Locally: Sophie, Blogger: Katrin
    C. Cat? My darling little Jolie!
    D. Dreams? To become an Astrophysicist, travel the world (or further!), and meet lots of wonderful people. To leave the world a better place.
    E. Essential item? my iPad or a good pair of boots.
    F. Favorite color? To Wear: Black, At Home: White & Beige, In Nature: All.
    G. Gym Activity: Krav Maga
    H. Hometown? Aramco compound, Saudi Arabia...I guess!
    I. Indulgence: Sushi, Matcha Latte, Shoes
    J. Jeans: Skinny fit all the way!
    K. Kids? My wonderful nephew Aaron!
    L. Likes? Tea, Fashion, Science, Reading, Art, Films - 5th Element, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek, Tron, Tomb Raider, Cloud Atlas, Hawking - Martial Arts, Food, Travel.
    M. Metal of choice: Gold!
    N. Number of brothers/sisters? 1 sister, 1 step sister, 1 stepbrother
    O. Oranges or Apples? Apples
    P. Phobias? Spiders
    Q. Quotes? "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" Da Vinci, and there are so many more!
    R. Reasons to smile? A good cup of tea, a nice compliment, finishing a task, looking forward to a new book/movie/tv show, reaching a personal goal, adding a piece to my apartment that I am slowly decorating, sharing a meal with a friend.
    S. Season of choice? Spring or Fall
    T. Travels? Saudi Arabia, Bali, Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Austria, UAE, Bahrain, Czech Republic.
    U. Unknown fact about me? I did amateur theater until I was 17. My favorite part was playing 'The Woman' in The Woman in Black.
    V. Vegetable? Carrots probably, but I like them all! (Aside from onions, which are evil)
    W. Worst habit? Well, since I got my braces I noticed that I touch my teeth too much.
    X. X-rays I have had? Many...for my wrist, back and skull.
    Y. Your favorite food. Sushi or Indian food, and I also love avocado anything!
    Z. Zodiac sign? Cancer

    1. Love your answers, Celeste! Thanks for playing along! So cool that you did amateur theater! I have always wanted to try that too! And glad we agree on the evil onions! :) I feel so honored by your answer! I haven't even thought about adding blog friends, that is such a great idea! You are definitely mine too! You are wonderful and I am so glad we've met!
      I also like that you changed some of the questions! Great idea!
      Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks for tagging me, I will try to do this tomorrow!!

    Your "kids" are so cute. I think cats make the best kinds of kids--they always love you, don't ask to borrow the car, and can be left at home for the day with no babysitter!!

    Onions are icky. Ever since I read about how they suck germs out the air and are basically poisonous I've stopped eating them! Yuck!

    1. You are welcome! Can't wait to read your answers!
      Haha, you are absolutely right about the feline kids! They are the best! The bunnies are awesome too!
      I need to tell David about the germ thing! He loves onions!

  5. I love that Einstein quote! And I love eating too :) ~Stephanie

    1. Yeah, eating is a pretty cool thing to do! :)

  6. These animal photos are adorable, just adorable. : )

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  7. Thanks for playing along, Katrin. I really want a Broetchen right now. I miss them so... :)

    1. Thanks for tagging me! Brötchen are the best!

  8. I really enjoyed reading this, Katrin! ;) I'm sorry to hear you have a kidney disease :(, though, hope it's under control and not painful.

    May you have a wonderful weekend! ;D


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! And thanks, I am fine. Just need to get them checked all the time.

      Have a great weekend!

  9. as soon as I started reading this I wanted to do it! you're so sweet to tag me :)
    I'm getting a lot of post ideas from you lately!
    you kids are the cutest, fur babies rock.
    love your Einstein quote, I actually laughed out loud!
    you're marriage date is Luke's birthday too!

    1. Glad you like it, Meg! Can't wait to read yours!
      Fur babies definitely rock!
      So cool that it is Luke's birthday! :)

  10. That "attached" photo is just too adorable!

  11. This is so fun to read! I love learning things about bloggers. The pic of you and your hubby is adorable! :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it!

  12. Awww, thank you so much for tagging me! I love this post and all your answers :) So much fun to get to know you better.
    That Einstein quote was my quote in our Abizeitung ;) It's still my favorite.
    Oh no, hope that kidney disease is not bothering you too much and sth you can live with very well!
    Have a wonderful week, sweet Katrin.
    Ich drücke Dich gaaaaanz feste.

    1. You are welcome, Beate! Glad you enjoyed reading it!
      That is so cool it was your quote in the Abizeitung! :)) We have so much in common. It is a great quote!
      It is fine, I have to get them checked all the time and take medicine but I don't have any pain right now!
      Have a lovely week! Thank you!
      Ich drück Dich ganz dolle!

  13. I like that Einstein quote as well - it seems to be the one I remember most - it's good to remember this quote whenever someone does something stupid or pisses you off

    If only I like eating vegetables as much as you, somehow I cannot make myself eat brussels sprouts -- that is one food that seems to be a common joke to dislike it growing up in america

    I have similar bad habits, and now I find myself talking more when I watch movies and tv show , though I do not think it's such a bad habit, more like interaction with what you're watching

    I will try to get to this game when I get a chance. it's fun to share info like these.

    have a great day!

    1. Oh yeah, that is when I remember that quote too!

      I think lots of people hate brussel sprouts and I never really understood why. If you prepare them in the right way, they are so delicious. But they can also be a little bitter sometimes and I think they don't look that great. :)

      I don' think it is such a bad habit too. I just want to communicate my thoughts. But David thinks it is annoying.

      I would love to read your answers!
      Have a great day!

  14. Indian food is my favorite as well (ok, maybe not THE favorite, but it's definitely in the top 3) and when I was in London I got to have the most amazing curry! I love it! I wish France had more Indian restaurants. In the meantime, I have to perfect how I cook it :)

    1. Yeah, I wish I'd have more great Indian places around too! I love curries so much! I need to perfect my cooking too!

  15. I came to your blog from Lissa ( to read your own answers. Always fun to find out more about others i think. I was curious as to the "old school blogging" icon. What's that about? About keeping it personal or ..?

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed it! I just copied the icon from the blog of the girl who tagged me. You can find it there!


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