Saturday, July 19, 2014

The one with even more books and awards.

Hallo meine Lieben,

my lovely book worm friend Martha nominated me for another Liebster award and I could not feel more honored. Because Martha rocks and because I really love books. So now I will share 11 facts about me and answer Martha's questions. Martha, thank you again for nominating me, it means so much to me!

11 random book-themed facts about me. 

1. Sometimes I am scared to watch a movie which is based on a book because I don't want it to destroy how imagined the characters etc. 

2. I would never give up reading. Not for a million dollars.

3. When people tell me that they don't like books then I think that something must be horribly wrong with them. 

4. I do judge books by  their covers.

5. There are books which I have read more than 10 times, including Harry Potter, the Adrian Mole diaries, the Nick Twisp diaries and lots of books from my childhood. 

6. I always carry a book with me because you never know when you find time to read. 

7. My cats share my love for books. They like to sleep or rub their faces on them.

8. I am disappointed when I find a typo in a book.

9. I would never sell any of my books. They mean too much to me. 

10. My favorite books are crime novels and cook books. And anything about traveling.

11. One of my biggest dreams is having my own library.  In a tower, with a fireplace, an old armchair and a globe bar. 

Martha's questions. 

1. What is the most overrated book you've ever read?

Well, when I was a teenager I read a German book called "Crazy" which was very popular at that time. They even made a movie out of it. Everybody was  so excited  about it and the author who was just a couple of years older than me became very famous. I bought the book because everybody was so crazy about it but I was not. It was okay but I was really disappointed at that time. I expected so much more. 
There are more but this is the first book that came into my mind. 

2. What about the most underrated? Anything other people hated that you loved?

I heard some people saying that they did not like "Set this house in order: a romance of souls" by Matt Ruff. But I absolutely loved the book. 

3. Do you have a special reading “spot” or ritual, or are you an anywhere, anytime reader?

Well, when I am at home then I love to read on the couch with a cup of tea in my one hand, the book in the other and my pets by my side. But I read anywhere and anytime. On the train or when I have to wait for something, in the car....

4. Do you like book clubs? Why or why not?

I have never been a member of a book club but I would definitely give it a try. The thing is that I usually want to chose what I read so that might cause some problems. 

5. Do you have a favorite book to gift to other people?

I love to give my favorite crime novels as gifts. Or the Adrian Mole books. Just because I want everybody else to love them as much as I do. 

6. Who is your favorite literary character?

Adrian Mole. He is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh. Or cry. Or both. I am also a huge fan of inspector Van Veeteren (from the Håkan Nesser books), Carl Mørck (Jussi Adler-Olsen), Kurt Wallander (Henning Mankell), Erik Winter (Åke Edwardson) and some more crime novel characters. 

7. Ever read a line in a book that really blew you away? What was it?

I read a lot of books about animal rights and of the quotes I always remember is “Whether we change our lives or do nothing, we have responded. To do nothing is to do something.” Or “Something having been done just about everywhere just about always is no kind of justification for doing it now.”  (Jonathan Safran Foer). And from one of my heroes Philip Wollen: “When we suffer, we suffer as equals and in their capacity to suffer, a dog, is a pig, is a bear, is a boy.” Or “Peace is not just the absence of war, it is the presence of justice. Justice must be blind to race, color, religion or species. If she’s not blind, she will be a weapon of terror and tonight there is unimaginable terror in those ghastly Guantanamo’s we call factory farms or slaughterhouses.” "Just because you can do little does not mean you can do nothing."

8. If you could rewrite the ending to a book, which would you rewrite, how, and why?

Well, I do not want some books to ever end but I never felt like I wanted to rewrite the ending of a book. Lame answer, I know. 

9. Any favorite book blogs to recommend?

Emily's blog Backlist Books of course. She always makes me get more books. 

10. If you get partway into a book and just aren’t feeling it, do you give up or push on to see if it gets better? At what point does it go into the “unfinished” pile?

I usually try to finish all the books I  start. Sometimes I do take a break because I have enough of it for a while. Maybe that while takes a little longer though.  I admit it. But I always feel guilty when I do not finish a book so I never make the decision to not finish a book. Okay, I admit that I read the first couple of pages of "50 Shades of Grey" just because I wanted to see what all the fuzz is about. And it was so horrible that I decided to never pick this up again. Luckily I never spent money for this book. So to answer the question: when the book is 50 Shades of Grey then I will never finish it. 

11. Which POV do you prefer–first or third? What are your thoughts on multiple POVs in a book, especially when both are written in the first person?

I am pretty much fine with anything, it really depends on the book. I think most books I read are written in the third person. 

Thank you again for nominating me, Martha! It means a lot! And you know I love talking about books!
Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for answering all of my questions! You rock! I never picked up 50 Shades, it sounded so bad. :P

    1. Thanks for nominating me! :) The book is so horrible, I can tell you. I was curious what everybody was talking about but after 5 (!) I had to stop because it was too bad. Will never pick that up again, such a horrible horrible writing! Brr...

  2. It was interesting reading your facts and answers. I used to finish all the books I started even if I had to force myself, but these days, I just have to many that I actually want to read to keep wasting time on ones I don't like. Usually if I give up on a book it's one that I checked out of the library and renewed twice. If I haven't been motivated to finish it in that time, I figure I am probably not going to.

    1. Thank you, Amanda. I am glad you liked reading them. You are absolutely right, there are so many great books that it is a waste of time to try to finish every single book you started...even when you do not like it. I usually feel bad about not finishing a book but when it is really bad then I just don't bother.

  3. I love this post, Katrin! Particularly your 11 facts - I was sitting here nodding all the way through them! Also I just finished writing a comment on Martha's blog about people who don't read - I cannot wrap my head around that, having been an avid reader my entire life. Think what they're missing! It makes me kind of sad for them, if I'm honest.
    Thanks for the shout out! You're making me blush. Also making you get more books is pretty much the highest praise you could give me - I'm so glad! :)
    (Also when you have your library can I come live next door so I can hang out in it and read all day with you?? Please?? It sounds magically amazing!)

    1. I think we might be twins or something like that. Glad you like the post! We really have a lot of stuff in common. I just can't understand it when people don't like books. I don't get it. How can you not like books? You miss so much! I always loved reading and I cannot imagine anything else.
      Well I love reading your blog and everybody else should do so too. :) You always make me add more books to my list! :) Thank you!
      And you totally have to come and live there, we can hang out in the library all day long, read, have a drink and cuddle with all the pets!

  4. Congratulations on receiving another Liebster award, you deserve every bit of it! Lovely book-theme facts, fact #3 was pretty funny, including fact #8 (I even have to correct the typo with a pencil, haha). It’s crazy that there are so many books out there and everybody’s different and have different taste in books. I think we will have so much in common since I love to read crime-related novels and Mankell is one of my favorite authors. I love your response to Question #7, they are very meaningful quotes. Love it. Have you watch The Strain or Welcome to Sweden shows yet? They are both new, and I enjoy watching them! Wishing you a wonderful weeked, Katrin ❤

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Rika! You are so sweet! <3 Haha, I often correct the typos in books too. I don't know why but it really bothers me to see a typo in a book. We could definitely share a library! :) I love crime novels and cooking books so much!
      I have not watched The Strain yet but I have read about it and it is definitely on the list of shows I want to watch. It sounds interesting! I have watched the first episode of Welcome to Sweden a couple of days ago and I love it! It is sooooo funny! <3 Thank you, Rika! Have a great weekend!


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