Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 completely random facts about me.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I completely missed the Ten On Tuesday link up yesterday. I was so busy that I did not have any time to come up with a post. That's why I am doing this today.
I hope you are all having a wonderful day!
I decided for a theme this week and what is better than to talk about myself? A lot, I guess. But I thought I should tell you some more personal things today.
So here we go.

Number 1.

I think I own at least 400 books. I am not sure, I have never counted them. But I would love to have my own library. With 5 meter high bookshelves, a fireplace and a comfy old armchair. 

Number 2.

I have a scar of my forehead. I got this when I was three and decided that it would be a good idea to drive my tricycle against a cupboard in the living room. 

Number 3. 

I stopped eating animals when I was 12. I could eat potatoes every day. I would never ever eat onions.

Number 4.

I don't have any siblings but I always wanted to have a brother or a sister. Unfortunately that wasn't possible. I was always jealous of my best friend Julia because she has a brother and a sister.

Number 5. 

When I was a kid I preferred to play with cars, in the mud, with skateboards and so on. I have never really been into Barbie. I liked Rainbow Bride though. I still own some of the stuffed animals. My favorite was Schleichmichel, I think he was called Lurky in English.
That guy.

Number 6. 

I prefer to drink my tea really sweet. But I never use sugar in my coffee. 

Number 7. 

My favorite things to do are: spending time with David, reading, being in the nature, going to flea markets, traveling, spending time with animals, shopping, watch movies and TV shows, sleeping, cooking, listening to music, going to concerts, painting, being creative, baking, watching documentaries,  drawing,  drinking tea, hiking, reading magazines, eating and many more. 

Number 8. 

There are so many things going wrong on this planet  and I would love to be able to change them. This really drives me crazy sometimes, it makes me sad and angry and I don't know what else. 

Number 9.

I have a picture of myself as a 3-year old in a cowboy costume signed by Kevin from the Backstreet Boys. My parents coincidentally met the Backstreet Boys in a restaurant and my Mom thought that she should get an autograph. And all she had was the above mentioned picture. 

Number 10.

I immediately start to cry when I see a sick animal. Even when it is "only" a cold. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends! And sorry for being too late with this post!


  1. I also have a lot of books..... but nowhere close to 400! That is a lot of books! ~Stephanie

    1. yeah, it really is. i collected them since i was a child. :)

  2. Cute facts about you!!

    I stopped eating animals when I was 9. I agree on onions, they are evil!

    1. oh wow, when you were 9! that is awesome celeste!
      and yeah, onions are evil!

  3. You've got a ton of books! Yowza!!

  4. 400 books - holy cow! You need those puppies on a Kindle! And ditto on #3. But my best friend isn't named Julia ;)

    1. that is cool about #3. what is your friend's name?
      and yeah, i have a kindle too, it is great for traveling but i do love my bookshelves!

  5. I would LOVE a library too! The hubby and I kinda collect books. :-)

  6. The thing about the Backstreet Boys is priceless.

  7. oh yes, a library, there's nothing like it. if only we could all get a library. I'll even let me people borrow my books if I could have a library.

    hope you have a sweet day.

    1. haha, yeah, i would definitely do the same!
      have an awesome weekend!

  8. I'd love a library like that, too! And I'd never eat onions, either.
    Yes, a sibling was my biggest wish, but my parents would always say no to me asking if they could get me one :(
    I loved playing with cars, in the mud and with Barbie, too ;)
    So lovely that your Mom got that autograph for you :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Ich drücke Dich noch Mal ganz fest!

    1. we have so much in common, beate! :) it is really awesome!
      i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
      ich drueck dich!

  9. Hahaha, I totally remember that character! :p I don't know wht his name was in Spanish, though ...

    Where do you keep so many books, Katrin? :O I know I have a lot, but I'm not sure I own 400; that's a huge number! And please, please let me know the books you'd like to read/own so I can check our inventory and send them to you. We get a lot of donations, a lot of which are in great condition; I'd love to give you some books you want!

    And speaking of sick animals, every time Dimitri or Dante look a bit down, I just freak out. This Monday I thought I was going to have a heart attack; Dimitri looked so not like himself all sad and incredibly sleepy! :( We were going to take him to the vet on Tuesday morning, but fortunately, he woke up ok :P. He then started sneezing, so we ended up scheduling an appointment for Saturday, the vet said it's only allergies (hope she's right) and prescribed allergy pills for humans :O.

    1. The character is pretty awesome. :) I am sure he has a cool name in Spanish too!

      I still have most of my books in my Dad's house. Stored in boxes. I hope that some day I will be able to have all of them at the same place! That is why I need a library!

      And I am so sorry to hear about Dimitri! Poor little guy! Allergies are so annoying! I hope the medicine will help! I am glad it is nothing worse than allergies!

      Have a sweet week! Hugs!

  10. I have a scar down the middle of my forehead too! I ran into the corner of a wall when I was two. I like to tell people it's from a bar fight ;)

    1. That is a great idea! I will tell that from now on too!


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