Saturday, April 6, 2013

O Canada....

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today I want to share a video with you that I found on the internet yesterday. I guess you all know that "animal rights" is a topic that lies at my heart. 

Seals are suffering the devastating impacts of climate change. Despite of that the Canadian government spends lots of money for the terrible hunt of seals, most of them not even 3 months old. Baby seals are suffering a terrible death. I guess I don't have to go into that topic, I am sure you have all seen the terrible pictures of horrible "men" beating the frightened baby seals to death.

Most Canadians want this horrifying hunt to end. Global markets for seal products are closing fast. The United States, the 27-nation European Union, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Croatia have all prohibited trade in products of commercial seal hunts. Today, the slaughter only continues because of government subsidies.

Here are some facts.
- more than 2 million seals have been killed in Canada.
- 98% of the killed seals are younger than 3 months old. 
- they are killed for their fur. Nobody needs baby seal fur except of the baby seals. 
- we need to let the whole world know. 
- the EU banned the trade of seal products in 2009, Russia in 2011, Taiwan has joined this year. 
- Canada refuses to stop the seal hunt.
- It is a dying market. In 2006 254.867 seals have been killed. 71.261 in 2012. Most of them in Canada. More than a million of seals have been saved because of the effort of animal lovers world wide. All markets for seal products must be closed. 
- Canada spends millions of taxpayer dollars on the seal hunt. 

You can find more facts in the video and here.

I really hope that you will all watch the video and protest against the cruel slaughter of thousands of seals each year. 

So please watch this video and speak out against the commercial seal hunt. The seals need our help, our voice. 

Please share the video, tell your friends and family, get the word out and sign the petition.

Thank you for reading! You are all awesome!

Have a nice weekend!

PS: I also think that they picked a wonderful song for this campaign. If you love the song as much as I do, it is called "Brighter World" by Michael Holborn and William Henries. 


  1. These cruel people need to realize that the market is closing and just give up, their time is coming to an end!!

    1. yeah, i really hope they will. this is so horrible!

  2. This video made me cry, but I guess that's the point. Signed the petition. I can't wait for the day Harper and his cronies finally have to cave to the demand for an end to the slaughter.

    1. thanks for signing, martha! the video made me cry too!

  3. I had no idea this is happening in Canada! I'm at a loss for words cause I can't help but imagine what those poor seals are going through and it makes me cringe.
    This has to stop!
    I'll totally spread the word! And I just signed the petition.
    Thank you for letting us know so we can help a little bit.
    Ich drücke dich ganz fest!

    1. it really is terrible and it has to end. i can't stand all this cruelty. the poor animals.
      thank you so much for signing and spreading the word, Beate!
      ich drueck dich!

  4. This makes me so sad..... you are right the vast majority of Canadians do not support this at all, and this has definitely been an ongoing issue in our country.

    1. yeah, most canadians are against it so i really can't understand why this won't stop. it is so horrible.

  5. THis is just so so sad. I couldn't bring myself to watch the video (I'm a senstive soul, just reading your text is making me a little teary!). I'm going to sign the petition now.

    1. i totally understand, i cry all the time! thank you so much for signing the petition!

  6. I couldn't watch the video, but I have seen something like it before...all I can say is that this has to stop! Thank you for opening eyes! xxx

  7. I'll sign the petition the killing of seals is one of the saddest things I've ever seen :(.

    Hope you're having a great week, Katrin! I so wish it were Friday already, hehe.

    1. thank you so much for signing, Miki! this must stop!

      have a lovely day, sweet miki!


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