Saturday, April 13, 2013

The rescue of Henri, the toad.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine. 

I have to tell you a story about an animal I met.

Henri, the toad.

Okay, I admit, none of these toads is Henri but he looks pretty familiar. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the real Henri. But maybe I will meet him again someday. 

I know that Henri is a boy because he had something like this:

I have no idea what the English word for this is but in German it is "Schallblase" and the male toads use it to seduce the girls. Pretty smart these toads. 
I guess you all know that I love animals and that I think that animals are fascinating.
Did you know that the female toad carries the male toad on her back on their way to the water? Another fascinating fact. It looks like this.

Okay, I want to tell you about the rescue. 
I was driving  my car when suddenly I saw a toad on the other side of the road. I did not expect this but I immediately stopped my car because I knew that the toad would not survive very long on the road. 
When I jumped out of the car and started running towards the toad I saw a car coming on the other side of the road. The car was too fast and I was too far away so all I could do was hope. 
The stupid driver did not even slow down but fortunately he did not drive over the poor toad. 
I was relieved for a second but then I saw 5 other cars coming and I knew I had to do something.
I was still a couple of meters away from the toad so I ran on the street and started to wave my hands. I am sure I must have looked like a really crazy person but I couldn't care less because it worked. 
The cars stopped and I was able to pick up the toad from the street and carry him to a safe place. 

All's well that ends well.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Don't get hit by a car!! I just read a story about a gentleman who was hit trying to help a bunny. :( People are so crazy when they drive and they don't care at all about animals on the road. Good for you for helping Henri. I think stuff like this comes back to you later in life, karma-wise! :)

    1. I tried to stay safe! And the story makes me really sad! It was very nice from that guy to help the bunny!

  2. that's so neat!
    just don't get hit, ever. that toad is very lucky to met you

  3. Oh wow. good for you for saving the toad! That's really sweet.

  4. Aww good for you saving the toad, but you have to be really careful you don't get hit!!!

  5. Aw, you are just too kind! xxx

  6. Awe, you're the sweetest animal hero! :p

    How have you been, Katrin? I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting your blog as often :/. Big things are going on in my home in Argentina and my mind seems to be there more than anywhere else these days ...

    Hope your week's off to a great start! ;D

    1. Thank you so much, Miki! :)
      Have a great week, I already sent you an email!

  7. Awww, glad you saved his life! Well done!

  8. Aw, so glad you saved him! Awesome story!

  9. I'm sure Henri was very appreciative :)


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