Sunday, August 18, 2013

Conscious Box August - vegan edition.

Hallo meine Lieben,

happy Sunday! Today I want to share with you the goodies I received in the Conscious Box. It is a subscription box which you can receive for 19,95 dollars each months and it contains "the healthiest and most eco-friendly products". Sounds pretty awesome.
There are three options: the regular box, the gluten free box and the vegan box. Obviously I have chosen the vegan option.
And here is what I got.
(Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I had to take them with my iPhone because my "real" camera is broken.)

And here are the products I received in detail.

MRM All Natural Veggie Protein. Chocolate flavor.

I have to say that I never tried veggie protein before but I mixed this with a banana and almond milk and it tastes pretty awesome. I would definitely use this more often.

Skout Organic Trailbar Apple + Cinnamon

I haven't tried this one yet but I expect it to be delicious. I like trailbars and I like apples and cinnamon so this can't be wrong.

Barbara's Organic Snackimals Cereal - Vanilla Blast

I have to admit that I did not make the effort to eat them with almost milk, I just ate them directly out of the bag and they taste really good. I felt a little sorry to eat them because they have cute animal shapes...monkeys, elephants and so on.

Eden Wild Berry Mix

Nuts and raisins, blueberries and cranberries. I liked them a lot, I wish the bag would have been bigger. 28,3 grams were not enough.

Flora - Flor Essence Rejuvenating Cream

There is also a coupon which gives you 5 dollars off if you purchase that cream. I haven't tried it yet but it is not tested on animals, paraben-free, contains no synthetic fragrances and is scented only with essential oils. 

Acure 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil.

I have a hair masque with argan oil and like it a lot. This bottle is tiny. So tiny that it does not even say how much is in it. 2 drops probably. But I'll try it. It says it is a 5 in 1 product: facial serum, cuticles, hair serum, elbows & knees, scars and fine lines. Well, there is definitely not enough products to try all of them but I guess I will try it on my face.

Doctor's Best - Suntheanine  L-Theanine

I haven't tried this yet and I am not sure if I will. It says " Relaxation without drowsiness, reduces stress and tension". I think I'd rather drink a tea to relax.

Goody Good Stuff - Sour Fruit Salad

Vegan gummi bears! I love gummi bears so this is my favorite product of the box. I will definitely buy this again because 100 grams wasn't enough. 

Ecover Natural Dishwasher Tablets.

These are phosphate and chlorine free, biodegradable and not tested on animals. I could use them if we would own a dishwasher. 

L'Ecuver's Gourmet - Mexican Blend

I am a huge lover of spices, everything I cook is very spicy so I can't wait to try this one. It contains cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, dry mustard and parsley. No onions, thank you!


Also, there was a cute postcard in the box with a dandelion on it. You can see it in the first picture of the whole box.

A card made by Smockpaper.

This one is really cute. I like it and I will definitely check out the company's website.

What do you think? I was so excited to receive the box. I guess everybody loves these surprise boxes. I think it is a great way to discover some new products and I love the fact that they offer a vegan option.
Next thing I want to try is the Vegan Cuts box. 
It is so exciting to receive boxes and don't know what to expect. I love the surprise factor of these subscription boxes.
Do you have a subscription to a box like this? How do you like it?

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Hi!
    This box just looks great! I think I would love it to. Especially those bars (apple & cinnamon is such an awesome combination), this wild berry mix and the cereals (animal shapes, how adorable is that). Okay, I think I love just food things :-D.

    But I love surprise boxes in general. It's always such an excitement! :-)
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. It really looks great! It is so much fun to discover new products. I will eat the apple and cinnamon bar tonight! I love food so much and it is great to get the chance to try things that you haven't tried before.

      It really is exciting!

  2. That looks awesome! I want to try the beauty box. Being the beauty junkie that I am :D now I can finally subscribe guilt-free and know the stuff I get is cruelty-free. I never signed up to Ipsy or any of the others because I didn't want to waste money on animal-tested items!

    1. I want to try the Vegan Cuts beauty box! I really love these boxes and it is great to have the chance to get products which are not tested on animals and are vegan. You don't know what you will get in the other boxes. You might end up with a box full of stupid L'Oreal or P&G products!

  3. Haha, I do love mail and surprise vegan boxes sound great!

    I use the Ecover dish and laundry liquid at home, it´s good!

    1. Yeah, it really was so much fun! I am so glad they offer a vegan option!

      I have to try the Ecover liquid! That stuff sounds really good!

  4. I've got a BarkBox subscription which is about the same price if you get a 6 month subscription. I get a 3 month for $69 and if you buy them individually they're $29. Each comes with about half a dozen toys and treats for the pups (a lot of which are organic and eco-concious). Some of them are pretty expensive individually so I probably never would have bought them if they hadn't come in the box. My dogs love them though. (If anyone reading this is interested in trying them, this link'll give $5 off a sunscription and my pups a free box:

    1. That sounds like a really good box! I would totally get one if I would have a dog. Why isn't there a Meow Box? Or a box for bunnies? That would be awesome!

    2. Oh but there is! I just did a little google search and found Pawella, which has a cat option. It's a little more expensive at $30 a box though: I didn't see one for bunnies, but you could start one!

    3. Oh how awesome! Thanks so much for doing the research! I did not know! I have to check that out! Maybe I should really start a bunny box. :) It might be a success! :)

    4. You're welcome. Ya never know :)

  5. this sounds awesome! we dont have anything like this over in Wales


    1. You can check out the Vegan Cuts box, they deliver internationally!

  6. That is just awesome!! Do they ship to Europe as well??
    I never really liked the glossy box, so this is definitely very interesting, especially the vegan version :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I don't think they do. I am not sure. But there is the Vegan Cuts Box and they deliver to Europe as well!
      I really like that there are vegan options! Those boxes are fun!

  7. seems like interesting products!

  8. VeganCuts also has Beauty Vegan Box :)

    1. I know! :) So cool! I want to check it out!


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