Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Things. A vegan burger, a crafty magazine and the perfect boots.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!
Please go over and check out my friend Celeste's Five Things.

1. This magazine.

I think I have already mentioned it before but I really love magazines. Especially the ones about food, science and being creative. Mollie Makes is a fantastic magazine and the best thing is that you get 50% off of all the older digital issues right now. Needless to say, but I ordered two this morning. Can't wait to get crafty. 

2. This giveaway.

You can win a collection of fantastic eye shadows on my friend Martha's blog. The giveaway is open internationally. You can enter here

3. This burger.

Except of the onions, of course. Brr, I hate them! But that's a smoked chickpea burger and I am definitely planning to make one of them myself. Because chickpeas are one of my most favorite vegetables. 

4. These boots.

Aren't they perfect? Oh, I am so in love. I would love to own these cute little boots. They are from Stella McCartney which means that they are vegan. Maybe I can find a similar pair which is not 610 dollars.

5. This  book.

I am constantly searching for new crime novels to read and I recently discovered a Swedish crime series written by Lars Kepler (a pseudonym for a Swedish husband and wife) and the books sound so fascinating. Seriously, Scandinavian crime is the best.
Here is what is it about according to Goodreads:
"In the frigid clime of Tumba, Sweden, a gruesome triple homicide attracts the interest of Detective Inspector Joona Linna, who demands to investigate the murders. The killer is still at large, and there’s only one surviving witness—the boy whose family was killed before his eyes. Whoever committed the crimes wanted this boy to die: he’s suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and lapsed into a state of shock. Desperate for information, Linna sees only one option: hypnotism. He enlists Dr. Erik Maria Bark to mesmerize the boy, hoping to discover the killer through his eyes."
I have to check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Katrin. Have you tried Swagger Cosmetics ( vegan makeup? They have amazing pigments. I love them. Plus, they are cruelty-free. Chickpeas are amazing! Yes, I <3 Stella McCartney, you've probably seen a couple of my IG photos. I can't go anywhere without a pair. I really need to look at that book, I'm a huge fan of Swedish crime series just like you! Why do we have so much in common, Katrin?!

    1. Hello Rika! We really have a lot in common! :) I have not tried Swagger Cosmetics yet but I just checked out their website and the stuff looks fantastic! Thanks so much for your recommendation! I am always looking for new vegan make up to discover! Sometimes it is hard to find stuff!
      Yeah, I have seen your IG photos! I just love Stella McCartney! Her designs are amazing!
      There are 4 books from Lars Kepler so far and they all sound so fascinating! I want to start reading the first one this weekend!

  2. Ahhhhh, the raccoon and foxy and too cute! I love magazines too. And those boots are awesome. Stella McCartney needs to do one of those lower-priced capsule collections because I swear I would spend a whole paycheck to snap it all up. She rocks.

    Chickpea burgers are so tasty!

    I haven't read anything by Lars Kepler but I'll have to keep an eye out for those books, they sound really good. I love mysteries!

    P.S. Thanks for the shoutout! :)

    1. There are so many amazing things in that magazine! Love it!
      And I agree, she really needs to do that, I would buy everything. Haha.

      I love chickpeas so much, I eat them almost every single day!

      The books sound really good. I think the last one sounds best to me but I need to check out all the books of the series of course!

      You are very welcome. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. I love chickpeas too and have phases where I eat everything with them. That burger looks pretty good and yeah, I'd skip the onion too. And those boots - gorgeous. Wish I could wear something like that here. :)

    1. Yeah, I could really eat chick peas every day, they are so delicious! Glad you would skip the onion too! :)
      I guess the boots are not made for Florida weather!

  4. I can't wear those shoes -- too high for me. just today, I saw this girl wearing shoes that are at least 10inches tall or perhaps more, she seemed rather graceful though.

    hope you have a sweet day.

    1. Well, I usually only wear flat shoes but those would be nice for special occasions when I can sit a lot. :) I need to learn how to walk gracefully in heels. :)
      Have a lovely day!


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