Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Thursday. Things that help me relax.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and a great first day of August!

you're meaghan me crazy

Here is this week's topic.


Books are probably my favorite way to relax. And my favorite thing to do. No matter where I ready, even if it's in a crowded train. It relaxes me. It's the last thing I do before I fall asleep. And a great thing to do when I need a break. I look forward to grab a book and start reading all day long. And I also carry a book with me.


I guess that counts as reading too but you also get some pictures to look at. No matter of cooking magazines, craft, art, fashion, design, vegan, gossip, science....They all help me to relax.


Especially in combination with a good book. My morning tea is my ritual. It helps me to start the day and also relaxes me.

Taking a bath.

Very relaxing. Add a Lush bath bomb, a book and a tea and it is perfection.

Watching a show or movie.

I would say that hanging out on the couch, eating some snacks and watching a good movie is a great thing to do.


Animals always make me feel better, they make me feel more relaxed, cheer me up and make me smile. Being with an animal is better than any medicine you can get. 


Going for a hike, breathing some fresh air, looking at trees, flowers and plants, seeing some animals...very relaxed thing to do.

Painting, drawing and so on. 

It always relaxes me a lot to do something creative, no matter what. I just need to find more time to be creative.

Cooking and baking.

So relaxing! I could spend hours in the kitchen trying out new recipes. I don't even stress out when things go wrong. And I tend to stress out easily about other things.

Flea markets.

Spending a couple of hours at a flea market is the best thing you can do on a Sunday afternoon. Plus I am always able to find some treasures. 


I love all kinds of museums. Nobody stresses out in a museum, every body is relaxed and you have all the time in the world to discover some fantastic things.

Book stores or libraries.

I can easily spend a whole day in a book store. No problem at all. One of the most relaxed places in the world. Books make me feel good. 

What are the things that help you relax? Please share them with me!
Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Walking through a book store is definitely number one for me! There is a book store right at my bus stop after work, so if I have had a bad day I will take 2 minutes to wander the aisles. :) ~Steph

    1. I am sure that makes you feel a lot better. :) Great that you have a book store next to your bus stop!

  2. Books, movies, baths, and talking with Nate definitely help me relax!

  3. Driving the hills of Germany relaxes me. Out in the forest with sunlight sprinkling through the trees, good music on, and no Stau!

  4. Painting is the ultimate relaxation I think. Unfortunately, I never findtime to do it or want to buy the materials.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. It is the same here!

  5. Ugh, this is the most frustrating thing, when I leave you a comment on the bloglovin app on iPad it just goes poof!! Sorry if you get messages twice!!

    My list looks the same as yours! Tea, kitty cuddles and a book are the best things after a stressful day. I would also add watching a good documentry or travel show or and old favorite movie that I love.

    1. That really is frustrating! Sorry, Celeste! But don't worry about the messages! :)
      And I agree on the documentaries! I love to watch them! And old movies!

  6. Ah, books and tea! Definitely the best way to relax.

    Picnics are good too. What could be more relaxing than an informal meal eaten outside in the sun? Use paper plates and there won't even be any washing up later ;-)

    1. Oh yeah, how could I forget about picnics? They are definitely awesome!

  7. A long bath always helps me relax. I miss having a bathtub so much!

    1. I can imagine! Baths are definitely a great great way to relax!

  8. oh yes, books. and coffee of course

  9. My list would look identical to yours!

  10. Going for a walk...the outdoors always calms me down and relaxes me. Love it.

  11. everything you've list is relaxing to me too, though I trend to be quite lazy and mostly watch tv/films or really, anything that does not require too much energy.

    hope you have a sweet day.

    1. I love being lazy too. It is so good to just hang out, read a book and drink a tea!
      have a lovely day, Lissa!

  12. I need a nicer bath tub. I'd love a nice long bath!


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