Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten on Tuesday. A weird dream. Dresses. Cows and cakes.

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

I am linking up with lovely Lin from Linny's Vault!

1. I would love to live on a farm in Ireland with cows, sheep, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, bunnies, donkeys, chicken, goats and all kind of other animals. That would be so cool. Animals make me happy! The cow on the picture was so nice. She liked the grass I gave her and let me pet her. I named her Luise.

2. I miss my German "dm" Drogeriemarkt. I know, there are drugstores in America too but they are not like dm. They don't have Alverde and P2 and I don't spend hours there just to look around. I want to be able to buy the Alverde Nude & Flash Limited Edition. I know, this sounds totally stupid. I am aware of this. 

3. I am totally embarrassed because it turned out that I am not a Fußball expert. I watch it since my early childhood. I love it. I get excited. But I am totally losing our Fußball bet. Before the Euro started David, my Dad and I guessed the results of the games. The only game I guessed right so far was the German game against Portugal. They won so I got 1 point for it. I did not even guess the right score because I thought it would end 2:1. You get 3 points for the right score. So now David has 6 points, my Dad 5 and I have 1. It's so embarrassing. I mean, David never cared about soccer before ans he is leading the game? It's just not fair if you ask me. But I am also sure that I will win the bet in the end. 

4. A couple of nights ago I had a really weird dream. David and I lived in a farm house (yeah for that) and we had a strange neighbor. She looked like one of those African voodoo witches and she asked us for marmalade every day. I don't know why but she did that every day. One time we went home from grocery shopping and she had a party going one. We were in a hurry because a soccer game we wanted to watch just started and then every party guest game over to ask us for marmalade. They looked really scary and got angry when we said that we did not have more marmalade. 
Do you have weird dreams too?

5. Today I joined Shane's Bloggers Coast to Coast. You just have to fill out a simple form and Shane adds your name to a virtual map. It makes it easy to find other bloggers from your area. What a great idea.

6. I would like to wear more dresses this summer. I have a couple of really cute dresses but most of the time I wear pants. I don't know why because I really like dresses. But I have so many pants and tops that I wear them every day instead of trying something new. Plus I don't like my legs that much.


7. By the way. I bought my wedding dress at modcloth.com. I guess most people go to one of these bridal stores but we just did not have time for that. I love my dress. 

8. I love to bake and I should really bake a cake soon. Baking is a very relaxed thing for me. Although I always listen to loud music when I bake. I am not always successful, sometimes my cakes look really awful but they usually taste good. I am thinking about getting this book:

9. My husband should be famous. He is such an amazing writer and musician and he deserves to be famous. 

10. I am totally addicted to spicy pepper mustard at the moment. I eat it every day and combine it with almost everything. Except of my raspberry marmalade. But mustard with fries? So yummy!
Do you like mustard? 

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. OMG! Did I realize you're in Ohio when I first found you? That's where I lived my entire life before I moved to NYC seven years ago! I don't know if there are Sephoras where you are, but there are certainly a couple in Columbus that will satisfy your need for a cosmetics store. Have you had Graeter's or Jeni's ice creams yet? I miss those almost enough to move back to Ohio!

    1. Haha, yeah, I live in Ohio. :)It's so cool that you are from Ohio, I am sure you can give me lots of tips! :)) I think there is Sephora in Columbus but I have never been there. I have to go and check it out! Sounds good! And I have never heard of Graeter's or Jeni's ice-cream! I am so sorry! :( I will find out if I can find it in my area! Sounds promising!

  2. The cow is so cute!

    I love dm and miss it a lot, too! I think its because its so open, friendly, with soft light and wide ailes, staff is supernice and the storebrands. dm rocks!

    Why dont you like your legs? I dont like mine either. And my knees are really freaky looking.

    I thought your wedding dress looked like it came from a bridal store, I would have never guessed you got it somewhere else! How long did it take for it to get there?

    Spicy peper mustard, do you mean scharfer Senf? Do you like süßer Senf? I love it! With Schweinswürstchen or Leberkäse....yummy :)

    Hope you are having a great day!

    Miss Sugar Shack

    1. Yeah, it definitely rocks. :) I love to go shopping there because of the atmosphere. You always feel free to try everything. :)

      I am glad I am not the only one! I think my legs look like soccer player legs. I don't know why. I think my knees look weird too. And I am always so pale (which makes sense because I hide them all the time.).

      Haha, thanks so much! It only took 3 days to get there and it was pretty cheap. I think 85 Dollars. Not bad for a wedding dress. :)

      It's like scharfer Senf but also different. Haha. It has a different color, it is more orange than yellow and it has kind of a weird taste that it not like mustard. But very good. (That was a great description, I know). And yeah, I love süßer Senf! In my case with Tofuwürstchen. :)

      Hope you are having a great day, thanks so much for your lovely mail! You'll get a response soon! Can't wait to write you but I am pretty busy at the moment.

  3. Ahhhh...yes....I want to live on a farm too! And I have also been wanting to wear more dresses this summer! I mostly wear jeans/shorts and a t-shirt...BUT I did buy 3 dresses...I have been wearing around the house...now it's time to make them venture out into the real world!

    1. I have a couple of dresses in my closet. I just never wear them. :) But I am planning to do it. :) haha

  4. Alverde is my absolute favorite too! :D Most of my toiletries are from them and I just love it. I totally understand that you're missing dm, I wouldn't want any other drugstore ;)

    That picture of the cookbook made me smile. I happened to have a glimpse into the German TV show "Das perfekte Dinner" today (Do you know it?) and that girl Kim Wonderland was one of the girls cooking there this week. What a funny coincidence too see her book in your post - I didn't even know she wrote one :)

    1. Alverde is so fabulous. I could spend hours and hours and hours at dm. :)
      :) And yeah, I have read that she is at "Das perfekte Dinner" this week. I need to watch it tonight because I am sure it is interesting.Her cakes all look so delicious!

  5. Haha, when I was in Germany, all I wanted was an American drugstore with products I actually recognized!!!
    And your wedding dress was perfect! Besides, it's not the dress that's the important part!

    1. Haha, I am sure you are used to the American stores and I am used to the German ones. :)
      Thank you, Alyx. And yes, the wedding dress wasn't that important. :) So I didn't needa 2000 dollar dress. :)

  6. 1. Me too. Although, I dont know if I'd be able to get used the smell :/
    2. I have no clue what this would feel like but I imagine it'd be like moving to a country that didn't have a Target & that would be awful!
    3. I'm sure you'll come out the winner too.
    4. Haha, that's so strange! You know what this means right? You should always keep marmalade handy in case your crazy neighbors want some.
    5. Love this.
    6. I'm the same way, pants & t-shirts everyday. I actually bought 2 dresses last week, now I just have to wear them.
    7. Buying a dress online is pretty balsy. I think I'd be afraid it wouldnt fit but it looks like it all worked out. Love that photo! So pretty.
    8. And here I was thinking I was the only one that found baking to be relaxing. The best part is eating it though.
    9. If only our wishes would come true.
    10. Bahaha, I sure hope you don't mix mustard with marmalade...gross. I like regular & spicy mustard but don't put it on anything but sandwiches.

    Thanks for joining up, I had fun reading your 10.

    1. I love linking up with you, Lin!
      I have only been to Target once but I really liked it a lot. So I can completely understand you.
      I got another point at that soccer game yesterday but David is still the leader.
      I'll try to always have marmalade in the house. :)
      I really wanted to wear a dress today but then I thought I might get cold. Haha.
      I totally agree, eating is the best part. :)
      When I was a kid I ate Nutella with cheese, so you never know. :)
      Have a great day!

  7. I actually miss American beauty products a. l.o.t. But I have to admit I could not live without my DM :) I don't like going shopping and spending money. I'm not one of those girls that likes to run around town and just window shop and buy stuff all day....BUT...I swear....put me in a DM and I can stay there for 3 hours straight searching around...smelling this...checking out that. I stay there far to long and usually leave with only one or two items.....it's nuts. That is definitely one thing I will miss like hell when I move back to the states again. ;)

  8. And thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving comments. I really appreciate it :)

    1. dm is amazing! I totally know how you feel about it, I am the same. I miss it soooo much! :)
      You're welcome, Mel. Your blog is gorgeous!

  9. I can relate to SO much of this! I'd love to live on a farm and love baking. :) I bought my wedding dress at a thrift store for Halloween and then ended up not using it for a costume and it became my wedding dress. ;)

    - a

    1. That is so cool! You bought it for Halloween and then it became your wedding dress! Love it!!

  10. Awe, you guys look so cute!!! Love your dress. Wanna hear a funny story about my wedding? We couldn't afford to have a party at all, we just had Anthony as our witness ... Oh, wow, there was a quick earthquake! My first one! ... Anyway, the 3 of us spent the day together and the dress that I'd bought in Argentina to wear that day didn't fit me because I'd already put on weight, hahaha! It wasn't white, though, it was blue. I ended up wearing a black dress. I'm so pathetic ... It was a memorable day, though :p.

    And, yay for music playing hubbies! David sings and plays the guitar.

    Nite, nite! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Miki! And I love your wedding story! So cool! I mean, we did not have a big wedding either, just David's parents and his sister with her boyfriend. I loved it that way. But we did not have an earthquake. David would have loved that.

      That's cool, they could play together. The David band. :)

  11. spicy pepper mustard?? that sounds unreal! like unreal amazing! I love spicy and pepper and mustard. I may try and make my own here for the time being

    1. It is unreal amazing! I love it so much that I eat it every day. And yesterday I found horseradish mustard. It gets better and better. :) Maybe you can find some "Pepperoni Senf" in Germany, it's great!


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