Saturday, August 18, 2012

Questions about weird obsessions, animals and sliced bread.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I am so honored because my friend lovely Rima from Bolu by Rima nominated me for the "Liebster Award". It makes me so happy that people actually like my blog. Wow. I never expected to have almost 100 followers. Thank you so much!
As you can see here I already had to honor to receive this award but I don't want to miss the chance to answer Rima's questions. 
So here we go.

1. If you can choose an animal to represent yourself, what would it be and why?

Oh, just one? Hmm, maybe an owl. Because they are very smart. But I don't eat meat so maybe a bunny because bunnies are vegans. Is there a mixture of a bunny and an owl? A bowl? I want to be represented by a bowl.

2. Favorite Dish to Make? Share a recipe with me! I wanna try *wink wink*

I love Indian food, all kinds of curries and everything that contains chick peas. That's why my favorite dish is this one at the moment. 

3. Tell me a little about your town/city. Do you love living there or are you dying to move out of there?!

At the moment we live in a small town in Ohio. It is nice but definitely not the place we want to live forever. There's not much going on there. But we have nice neighbors and it is close to hiking and biking trails. But there are not many possibilities for shopping.

4. What is your ethnicity background? I LOVE to meet people with variable ethnic backgrounds. I think every ethnicity has their own awesomeness.

Well, I am a German who lives in the United States and I am married to an American. My parents are German too but one of my Grandmas was half Czech. 

5. What are you obsessing right now? It could be weird. Weirder the better for me. 

I talked about my current obsessions here but you want to know about weird obsessions. 
I like to combine food that maybe not everybody would combine. Chips with a vanilla dip, carrots with chocolate or fries with ice-cream. I like to drink my tea with a whole lot of sugar. I am obsessed with all kinds of animals, even the not so sweet ones. I like the smell of gas. And warm beer helps when you get a cold. 
Weird enough?

6. If timing was allowed, list 5 things you would save out of your house if there's a natural disaster.

My loved ones (David, the pets, my family and friends), my stuffed animals, my electronic devices (laptop, phone, Kindle), some clothes and shoes, photos and personal stuff like that. 

7. Every girl loves to dream about that perfect proposal... How do you describe your perfect proposal? Or if you're married or engaged, who did the Mr. did it?

We got engaged in "our" cabin at the lake where we spent our first vacation together. 

8. What's the best thing since sliced bread?

I have never heard that expression but I guess the best thing since sliced bread is German sliced bread with homemade marmelade on it. Other great things: David, my friends, my family, animals, books and a cold German beer. 

9. What's one beauty item that you can not live without?

Currently my Lush hand cream but I can't wait to try that Lush body lotion with bananas in it. 

10. Who's your favorite band/singer of all time?

I really really love Tocotronic, Oasis, Minus The Bear, Robbie Williams, Kula Shaker, Ash and David. 


11. If you're only able to watch one movie for the rest of you life, what would it be?

That's a tough one. Probably The Boondock Saints. Or Napoleon Dynamite. Or Dirty Dancing. Depends on my mood. Depending on today's mood: Dirty Dancing. Mein Baby gehört zu mir. 

Thanks again, Rima! You rock! :)
Please feel free to answer Rima's questions too! I can't wait to read your answers!
Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. I LOVE fries with ice cream - something about the salty-sweet taste is just so good! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. Yeah, I just love that combination! :) Thanks Alyx, I hope you are having a great weekend too!

  2. Haha I love the bunny pic!!
    I have an odd obsession with owls.

    I promise you won't regret it.

    1. Oh wow, evil owl really looks evil! :)
      Thanks so much for the link!!

    2. Haha! I know, I laughed so hard when I saw it!
      Any time you are at a loss for owl videos, you know who to ask ;)

    3. I definitely will! It's great to know an owl expert! And I can't get enough of cute animal videos! :)) Thanks so much!

  3. "Napoleon Dynamite" always puts me in a good mood. It's a great movie!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Yeah, it is so awesome. I can't get enough of it!

  4. Boondock Saints for sure! Speaking of a good German beer, are there any good German beers sold here in the states?

    1. I found my favorite German beer at a Whole Foods store. It is called Bitburger. I have seen Erdinger, I like that too. And I think you can find Becks in a lot of stores. Have you tried German beer before?

  5. Love this post :)
    The idea of being represented by a bowl is fabulous! I think it would represent you perfectly. I'm just wondering what it would look like...;)
    German sliced bread definitely is the best and Dirty Dancing is just one of the best movies ever :)

    Ich drücke Dich noch Mal ganz fest, liebste Katrin.

    1. Glad you like it! I am pretty sure it has the head of an owl but with bunny ears. And it has the body of a bunny but with wings. It would be awesome to be a bowl.

      Ich drück Dich, meine Liebe!

    2. Love this image of what a bowl would look like :)

      Ich drücke Dich auch ganz fest, liebste Katrin.

  6. The pictures of the 'bowl' cracked me up, the bunny is seriously cute!

    1. Glad you liked it! :) And yeah, Tiffie really is a cutie! :)

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