Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten On Tuesday! Shows I wish I had more time to watch.

Hallo meine Lieben,

it is time for more random Ten On Tuesday with lovely Lin. Poor Amber is sick! Feel better soon, dear!
How are you doing, lovelies? I hope you are enjoying your week!

I am so uncreative at the moment plus there is not much time for blogging so I decided to talk a bit about the shows I love to watch. There isn't much time to watch shows either but I really hope I will find some more time for my favorite shows soon. 

This list only contains shows that are currently on TV.

10. Parks And Recreation

April and Andy are such an awesome couple. They make me laugh a lot and I love their dog. So they are definitely my favorite characters in that show. 

9. The Walking Dead

If I ever witness a zombie apocalypse then I want to be in a group with Daryl. He is definitely the hero of that show and the secret leader. They would all be dead without him. So I can't wait to see more from Daryl and his nice brother. And I hate Andrea for still being so stupid in front of the damn governor. 

8. Grey's Anatomy

I have to admit that a lot of characters are more than just annoying. Meredith and Christina for example. I can't stand the two together. Can they be even more stupid? I don't think so. They seem to kill all my favorite characters but I have to say that I still love that show. 
(It is only called Ten On Tuesday so there is no spot for The Mindy Project. Good show but the main characters is a little annoying too. I can see a pattern here. Good shows, stupid main characters.)

7. How I Met Your Mother

So glad Ted's stupid ex girlfriend is gone. I don't even remember her name anymore. The girl with the cakes. Very annoying. And I have to admit that Lilly and Marshall go on my nerves from time to time. And they should let real Germans play the roles of Germans. Because of the accent, you know. 

6. The Mentalist

Well, nobody can beat Patrick Jane. I love to watch him on his hunt for Red John. But the other characters are awesome too. Especially agent Cho. His dry sense of humor is freaking awesome. 

5. New Girl

I would love to have Jess' wardrobe. Just saying. But yeah, the characters are lovely and the show just makes me feel good.

4. Go On

Love the concept of that show. Matthew Perry as a struggling widower is just hilarious. I love his group and if I ever go to a support group I want the group to be exactly like this one. I hope they won't cancel that show because I am getting used to it. 

3. Castle

Crime shows rock. Especially when the main charaters are so lovable. Castle's mom is pretty awesome. I always have to think about Kitty Montgomery from Dharma & Greg when I see her. Great woman. And I am a huge fan of Ryan and Esposito.

2. Breaking Bad

One of the coolest shows ever. What more can I say. 

1. The Big Bang Theory. 

All characters are awesome and I want to hear the soft kitty song when I am sick. That show makes me laugh so much, even when I watch an episode 10 times. I love Sheldon but I am glad I don't have him as a roomate. Plus I want Penny's bedroom. It looks so adorable.

What are your favorite shows? Are there any shows you want to start watching? Shows you really hate?

Have a lovely Tuesday and please come back tomorrow the read what David has to say about music. 


  1. Ich schaue gerade The Big Bang Theory. Leider sind wir hier ja nicht so ganz aktuell mit der Serie. Und auf die neue Staffel von Castle freue ich mich auch schon.


    1. Liebe beide Serien, die sind so super. Kann mir nur TBBT nicht auf Deutsch angucken, die Stimmen hören sich so komisch an!

  2. We are currently listening to the whole BBT theme on repeat because it's the only thing cheering Quinn up right now. I love it and New Girl (ditto on the wardrobe!) and HIMYM (only one more season!) and Castle!

    1. Seems like we watch pretty much the same shows. :)

  3. Ooh...TV, one of my favorite things to talk about :)

    The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV right now. Daryl is probably one of my favorite characters on the show, Andrea is the least. Ugh, she's annoying. I'm more than excited that New Girl is back on. Jess is hilarious, and so damn cute.

    Greys Anatomy is starting to get on my nerves. I think it's all the new characters, the interns are super annoying. Breaking Bad though, damn that show never ever gets old.

    1. Yeah, I never get tired of talking about TV. :)

      I am glad you agree on Daryl and Andrea. :) I hope they will get rid of her and show more Daryl action.

      Can't wait for more Breaking Bad. But yeah, I really can't see Christina and Meredith anymore but I am a very loyal fan. Still. I stopped watching during season 6 but caught up at some point.

  4. I STILL have never seen the Walking Dead. I am behind in Once Upon a Time and Dexter but aside from that caught up over the holidays :)

    Enjoy your week!! x

    1. I really need to start watching Dexter again, I have only seen the first season. And I have never seen Once Upon A Time. :(

  5. I am all about New Girl, Grey's (yes Meredith and Christina are SUPER annoying together) and Parks & Rec. Have you ever seen the Parks & Rec Treat Yo Self episode? It's my favorite and I started playing a 'treat yo self' game with my husband on road trips. I'll say all of the things I'd buy myself if I had a wallet full of cash and after everything I say, he shouts, "TREAT YO SELF" which in his accent is really, really cute. We're total dorks I know, but it's a lot of fun :)

    1. Oh no, I have not seen that episode. I only know the newer episodes and I need to watch the old ones at some point. That game sounds awesome and like something David and I would enjoy too. We are dorks too, you know. :)

  6. We definitely watch so much of the same, but I gotta say, I love Meredith and Christina's relationship just because it's so abnormal. But I really liked it more in the beginning. And I must start watching Big Bang Theory. I wish it were on Netflix. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this weekend so I plan on watching tons of shows.

    1. I like that they are such close friends but they are getting really annoying in my opinion. Sometimes I have no idea how Derek can stand it with Meredith and it seems like it is impossible to live with Christina. They should just marry each other and everything is fine.
      Oh no, I hope you are feeling find and are not in pain!

  7. i forget when was the last time i could sit and watch a tv show.
    i love new girl and the mentalist for sure. i've bought breaking bad dvds as you suggested but still get no time to watch them yet.

    1. Yeah, we really need more time to do the stuff we enjoy!
      Glad you got the dvd's and i hope you will like it! It is an awesome show!
      Have a lovely week!

  8. I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in many seasons...Meredith always kind of annoyed me. I watch The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. I also watch Californication, Game of Thrones, and Modern Family.


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