Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Confessions. Cows, cookbooks and creativity.

Hallo meine Lieben,

it is Sunday which means I have some confessions to make. It also means that I am linking up with fabulous Alyx from Every Day Is A New Adventure.

Confession #1. 

I have some ideas for a new blog design but did not have any time to work on it yet. But I really feel like changing the design. I am bored of this one plus it does not look very professional.

Confession #2.

I wasn't able to finish watching this video because I know what will happen at the end and the beginning already touched me so much that I had to start crying. I can't understand how an industry can be so cruel. It makes me so incredibly sad and I can't understand this world anymore (that is nothing new though).

Confession #3.

I really wish I would have more time for blogging, visiting blogs, commenting, responding to comments. I also would love to have more time for other things I enjoy. Kind of sad.

Confession #4.

I started to watch the latest episode of The Mentalist six times but still haven't finished it. I always fall asleep because I usually start to watch around midnight.

Confession #5.

I need some new cookbooks for inspiration. This one looks pretty awesome. I feel so bored in the kitchen. I cook the same stuff all the time and I really need something new. 

How is your weekend going, lovelies? Hope it is wonderful!


  1. I have time right now and it seems like everyone else is busy!!!

    I made an appointment to have my teeth fixed so I am staying home for the next 50 weekends to pay for it :(

    A new blog design is a good idea, I got one for 2013 and I am so happy with it!

    1. Your blog design is great and I really need to work on mine!
      Oh no, I am sorry you have to stay home because of that appointment. :( That must be really expensive but I guess it is worth it!

  2. im in LOVE with the mentalist, Jane kills me with his one liners, I bought season 1 last week cant stop watchin lol

    1. Yeah, I really really love that show and can't get enough!

  3. oh, i'm excited for your new blog design idea!!!
    i know what you're talking about about time. i feel like i'm overloaded too for these past few months.

    i even haven't watched any episode of the Mentalist latest season. dang it.

    1. So far it is just an idea but I really need to start working on it!
      And I am sure you will like Mentalist too if you get the chance to start watching!

  4. I really wish I had more time to visit and comment on blogs as well. But, life just gets in the way most of the time, right!
    Oh my gosh, that video, so heartbreaking...makes me want to scream...I don't understand people...why in the world would they do cruel.
    Can't wait to see your new design!
    Happy Sunday, girl!
    Hugs xxx

    1. Yeah, life always gets in the way! :) It's a shame! I really need more time for all the nice things in life!
      The world is terrible. I just can't understand it, it really breaks my heart. Every single day!

  5. We drink almond milk in my household EXACTLY for that reason. I did watch the entire thing and now my heart hurts.

    1. Yeah, I absolutely know how you feel! Love that you drink almond milk!

  6. Oh my goodness. That video! It's just so sad. And I can't wait to see the new design you're thinking of!!

    1. It really is. :)
      And I need to start working on the design idea!


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