Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten On Tuesday. All things beauty.

Hallo meine Lieben,

this week i decided to tell you a little bit about my favorite beauty products. I love to read about other people's favorite products so I thought you might enjoy that too. Maybe I am wrong but it is definitely fun to write about it. 
I am linking up with Lin and Amber.

So here are ten of my current favorite beauty products. I apologize in advance for all the Lush products you will see. But I really like that stuff and can't get enough of it at the moment. 

1. Face cleanser.

Lush, Buche de Noel.
I swear, I would love to eat that stuff. It smells so incredible and christmasy and delicious. I can barely resist but i haven't tried a bite. Yet. There are almonds in it, cranberries and cocoa butter. 

2. Lipstick.

Lime Crime, Coquette.
Honestly, I just can't resist a purple lipstick with glitter unicorns on it. Plus the shade is really pretty and nude. I got it from David for my birthday. He knows me. 

3. Hand cream.

Lush, Handy Gurugu.
My hands are pretty stupid, the skin is always dry and nothing else helps me. I don't know. There is lots of good stuff in it...almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, herbs. The smell is incredible and it really helps my skin. 

4. Body lotion. 

Lush, Sympathy for the skin. 
I know, I am boring but Lush products really work for me. This one contains bananas which is pretty awesome. 
I also love the You snap the whip body butter by Lush. It contains charcoal and blackcurrant and it was weird to use it at first but it definitely works and smells like paradise.

5. Lip Scrub.

Lush, Mint Julips.
Well another product I just want to eat because it smells like chocolate and mint. I don't even like chocolate in combination with mint but this is awesome. Weird, I know. Plus it makes your lips really smooth. 

6. Face mask.

Lush, cupcake mask. 
It is a chocolate mask. So it is a winner. I would also love to try some other face masks from Lush. Oatifix is on top of my list. One of my friends says it tastes like cookie dough. Sounds amazing to me. 

7. Nail polish.

Beauty without cruelty, Geranium.
I am in love with that color. It is such a pretty pinkish purple. I love nail polish and I have so many colors but this one is my absolute favorite.

8. Moisturizer. 

Alverde, wild rose day cream.
I am a huge fan of everything that smells like roses. So this cream is my hero. It's especially for dry skin. I love the products from Alverde because they are all natural.

9. Soap.

Lush, rock star. 
They call it bubble gum soap but it does not really remind me of bubble gum. It is pink and smells like vanilla and that is all I need to make me happy. 

10.  Things I would love to own.

I guess you can see a pattern. I am really into Lush and all products that smell good. So I would love to spend some more time in a Lush store and get some nice new products such a a new shampoo and some bath bombs.  I also want to discover some new products because I can't use Lush products all the time. That's kind of boring. So I am counting on you. Do you have any recommendations? What works for you?

Have a lovely Tuesday!

PS: This post was not sponsored by Lush. 


  1. Girl...lets be BFF's k?

    I LOVE Lush! The closest store to me is about 40 minutes away and I totally go and brave the street mall for some goodies!

    Plus, I feel all cool cause the movie Catch and Release was filmed there haha

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Hehe, yeah let's be BFF's! :)
      Lush is always worth a visit and it is so hard to resist that stuff!
      That's awesome about the movie!

  2. love that you chose a theme!
    and I NEED to get to a lush store sometime in my life!

  3. I absolutely love lush!! Sadly, there isn't one in my state :/ but that doesn't stop me from stocking up online or whenever I travel!

    1. It is sad that there isn't one in your state but luckily you can still order online!

  4. I love lush products but to be totally honest I basically never owned a self bought thing from them. I just can't afford their stuff. I'm lucky though and have friends that know me well and that usually buy me one or two things for birthdays etc. ;)

    I Love alverde products and I used that rose cream for years! I quit using it about a year ago though because I got some really bad issues with my skin. I started making my own skin cream and I don't think I can ever go back.

    and...(but I guess you know this already you wonderful lady that always comments on my blog:)) Shampoo and conditioner, I HIGHLY recommend Aubrey organics!! I used their honeysuckle and rose shampoo and conditioner straight for about a year and I never got sick of the smell. They have a wonderful rose shampoo too ;) I don't know if they do this in the states but here in Germany you can order small test sachets for 30cents. I usually buy a couple of those before I buy a new sort a shampoo. It's incredible how different each and every shampoo is. ach...I'm rambling. I really love their stuff though :-D

    1. Yeah, that stuff is pretty expensive but sometimes they have some of the things 50% off. :) Which is always a great thing! Sounds like you have some awesome friends!
      Alverde is really great! All the things smell so incredible. I am sorry that you got problems with the rose cream. My skin is pretty sensitive too!
      Thank you again for the recommendation with the shampoo and conditioner! I have so many problems with my hair and this stuff sounds amazing so I will definitely check it out. I already took the test on their website that tells you what skin and hair type you are. :) You rock, girl!

  5. Is it strange that I avoid beauty products at all costs? Mainly because I'm cheap and lazy and rarely put on lotion because it's too cold when I Get out of the shower?

    1. Haha I know the problem about being too cold when I get out of the shower. I only use body lotion when it is warm enough. Hehe. Yeah some products are pretty expensive but Alverde products have a good price. That rose cream is only 2 euros. You get it at dm.

  6. A full selection of lush sounds perfect to me!!

    1. Oh, I would love to have all their products. :)

  7. I feel so un-girly since I havent tried any of these before. Maybe it's time to jump on the Lush bandwagon.

    1. I am sure you would love that stuff. The bath bombs are awesome.

  8. My hands are so dry it's a problem, especially in winter, and so are my lips. I'm going to check out that lush handcream and lip scrub :)

    1. The stuff really helps me and my skin is so terribly dry!


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