Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 days of books - Part I

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

as you already know I love reading a lot. Lovely Vanisha from Vanisha's life in Australia told me about her 30 days of books challenge. I think this is a fantastic idea so I want to participate! Thank you, Vanisha! 
Like her I want to eliminate the work related books. I just want to talk about all the books I read for fun and entertainment. 

Day 1 - The best book you have read last year

I think I have finished this book in 2 days. I am completely addicted to crime novels. Especially Skandinavian ones. I have read all books of Hakan Nesser, Henning Mankell and Ake Edwardson at least 2 times. They are so suspensefull.
Hakan Nesser is a Swedish writer and he published two different crime book series. The first one takes place in a city called Maardam. He never mentions where the city is located but it sounds like a Dutch city. The main character is Inspector Van Veeteren. I love Nesser's characters. They all have their faults but you must love them. 
Nesser's second main character is Inspector Gunnar Barbarotti. "Die Einsamen" is Barbarotti's latest case. It starts with a road trip of 6 friends through Europe in the 70's. 40 years later one of the friends was found dead. At the same place a young girl was found dead 35 years ago. A difficult case for Barbarotti.
I wasn't able to stop reading. If you like crime novels you should consider reading this book.

Day 2 - A book that you've read more than 3 times

Actually, this is a series of books. In German they are called Crazy Days, Crazy Nights and Crazy times. They have different names in English and I have no idea why. It is a German thing to give English books and movies really weird names. But whatever, the first one is called "Youth in revolt" and I have learned that there is a movie! The first book was published in 1993 and they made a movie out of it in 2010. I am not sure why they waited that long but okay. The protagonist of the books is the 14 year old Nick Twisp whose life is a complete mess when he meets Sheeni Saunders on a camping trip and falls in love with her. There are sex and drugs and crime and you will definitely laugh a lot. I read the series at least once a year. I loved them as a teenager and I can't get enough of them. You don't want to see how my books look....

Day 3 - Your favorite series

Okay, I can't talk about one book. I just can't decide. The Nick Twisp series is definitely one of my favorites. There is also the Adrian Mole series. I have talked about that one before. I can read them over and over again. 

As I have told you before, I am a huge fan of crime novels. My favorite writers are Henning Mankell, Ake Edwardson, Arnaldur Indridason and Hakan Nesser. I have read all of their books, some of them two or three times. They are all very thrilling and you should definitely check them out. 

Day 4 - Favorite book of your favorite series

I know, I know....I repeat myself. But I can't get enough of the Adrian Mole books. "The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4" is the first book of the series and I have honestly read it at least 20 times. And it is still funny. Trust me. 

Again: Thank you Vanisha for giving me the opportunity to talk about my favorite books. 

Do you have a favorite book series?


  1. Do you like Nele Neuhaus?!? I LOVE her stuff! I'm so mad! I had Schneewitchen muss sterben, and then it was overdue, and the library wouldn't let me renew it, so now I have 100 pages left, and have no clue what happened. :(

    1. I have heard about the Taunus-Krimis! Unfortunately I haven't read any of them yet! :( But I guess I should! I love all kinds of crime novels but I just have too many to read. I am not fast enough. I always read a couple of books at a time but I can never keep up. It is a shame that I haven't read Nele Neuhaus yet, her books are so famous!
      I am so sorry that you haven't been able to finish it! That must have been horrible!

  2. ah, love this post! Adding "The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4" to my to-read list! Are you on

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      I promise you won't regret reading it! It is soooo great! :)
      I have never heard of but I will check it out right now! Thank you!

  3. Aww thanks Katrin, you're too sweet. I haven't read any of these books, I've bookmarked your post for when I need inspiration at the bookstore! I wish I could read in another language, I can speak two other languages but can't read in them :/

    1. What other languages do you speak, Vanisha? I have heard that there is a language called Fiji Hindi. Is that your language? Is it very different to the Hindi they speak in India?
      I hope you like the books! You can get all of them in English too. (For example:
      I have found so many books I want to read on your blog! I just need to find the time to read all of them! :)


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