Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random facts...

Maybe you want to get to know me better. Maybe you are a new reader of my little blog. Maybe you will stop reading after this post. But I guess I take that risk.

So here are some completely random facts about me. 

- I hate onions. I can't stand the taste and it is a horrible feeling to bite in an onion. David loves onions by the way.

- I would love to be able to live on a farm with goats and donkeys and sheep and cows and pigs and chicken and and and. 

- My dream house would also have a tower with my personal library in it. 

- I love to buy nail polish and lipsticks. You can never have enough 
(same with shoes).

- David is my rockstar. He writes the most amazing songs and plays the drums, bass and guitar. I am sure he can play every single instrument in the universe. 

- I can only play saxophone and bass. But I am not very good. And that's putting it kindly. 

- Every time I see an animal I say "Look! A cat", "Look! A rainworm", "Look! A bird" and so on. I am sure David loves it.

- I talk when I watch TV. A lot. Not annoying at all. 

- My favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. I also like How I Met Your Mother. And Parks And Reacreation. And True Blood. And Game Of Thrones. And Castle. And The Mentalist. And Das perfekte Dinner (a German cooking show). And Cougar Town. And Black Books. And Grey's Anatomy. And Emergency Room. And Der kleine Vampir. And Up All Night. I am sure this is boring for you. But I like TV shows. 

- I have read the Adrian Mole books 20 times. They are hilarious. 

- American beer is terrible. You just can't drink it. You know better as a German. Please try German beer. Or durch beer. 

- I love to paint and to draw. 

Please tell me some random facts about you!


  1. Helly german girl in America :-)
    You´ve got a nice blog with a nice way of writing and choosing your themes.
    Now you´ve got a follower more. Maybe you would follow me back?



    1. :))) Dankeschön! Das ist ja ne Ehre! Ich freu mich sehr!
      Dein Blog ist suuuuuper! Hab ihn mir gerade mal angesehen und bin begeistert! Du hast jetzt auch eine Leserin mehr!
      Und nach Deinem neusten Post muss ich mir jetzt erstmal nen Kaffee machen!
      Lieber Gruß!

  2. haha, German beer is sooo much better!!! I don't think I could ever drink American beer again! And I want a big farm too :)

    1. I have tried American beer once and I know that I will never do it again. German beer is soooo much better!
      Haha, awesome that you want to have a farm too! :)))

  3. Haha! well i just found you, so that was a great first post to read! I'm amazed people eat raw onions like an apple YUK i like them cooked though....and i like TV shows, and support The Donkey Sanctury. And i'm a complete Book addict. Hmmm we could be friends lol :)

    1. Sounds like we could be great friends! :))))
      I can't even eat cooked onions. I don't know why. It is pure horror for me.
      But it seems like we will have a lot to talk about! :)

  4. We are too much alike, seriously!! I dream of a library in my own home too. Maybe one day, right? Random fact...I could eat ice cream ALL day. xo

    1. Haha! I could have ice-cream for breakfast! :))) And lunch. And dinner. And snack. :)
      I am sure we will have our dream library one day! xoxo

  5. I love the idea of a home with a tower containing your personal library, that would be amazing!

    1. It would be so amazing to have this one day. I don't know why but I have a picture of it in my head since kindergarten and I have drawings of it. :)

  6. american beer is absolutely horrific. i agree with you there! even in the US i didnt really drink american beer hahha :)

    and i LOVE onions! it is so funny because as a kid i loathed them...everything about them. then one day at like age 24 i suddenly developed a taste for them and eat them with everything! funny isn't it?!

    and id give my life to have a personal library like that one in my home!

    1. haha, it is funny that you love onions like that now! :) i doubt that it will happen to me anytime soon though. i just can't stand them.

      we always buy german or dutch beer in the US. it is soooo much better! i need my beer, i am a german. :)

  7. i LOVE fried onions. and any vampire-related tv shows apparently addictive to me. i'm trying to be a human and living a normal life by starting The Mentalist right now

    1. Brr, fried onions! :)
      I love the Mentalist! I hope you will like it too!!


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