Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random Thursday. IMO The best online shop is....

Hallo meine Lieben,

welcome to another Random Thursday and thanks so much for reading and linking-up. LinEm and I are happy that you are a part of this lovely tradition. 

I guess most people love to shop online, even if it is just window shopping. I love to get lost in the countless online stores searching for stuff I need. I mean, come on, it is definitely better than being in a crowded store on a Saturday afternoon. So yes, I admit that I love filling my virtual shopping basket with stuff I might or might not need. 

Tea stores.

There is a little store in the town I went to school at run by two old sisters who sell almost 200 different kinds of teas, chocolate, coffee, tea pots, candy and stuff like that. I could spend hours in the store, sniffing at all tea (they have little metal boxes with all the teas inside and you can open all of them and smell them) and picking loose tea from all the huge jars. It makes me so happy, I can't even tell you. 
So online tea stores are only second choice but they are still better than a lot of other stores. You can't smell the tea but you can imagine the smell and spend hours reading through all the ingredients. And of course you can find lots of teas you have never thought of before. Tea stores are definitely a winner. 

Book stores. 

(Maybe not better than ALL people but definitely better than a lot of people).
Well, I guess this is no surprise. I could spend hours searching for new books I want to read. I do judge books by their covers but when I like the title I give it a chance and read the blurb. There are millions of books out there and internet book stores are definitely a good source to find the books you like. I am always open for new recommendations. 

Vegan online stores.

When you live in a small American town or in a tiny village in one of the smallest states in Germany then you don't have the best vegan options. But thankfully there are lots of great online stores out their which offer everything from coconut milk ice cream to vegan Parmesan cheese and rice milk chocolate. It's vegan paradise and I always get inspired browsing through the huge selection which you don't have in a small town supermarket. 
VeganEssentials is pretty awesome. Or Vegan Cuts. In Germany I really like


You honestly find the cutest dresses at ModCloth. I love to look at all their beautiful clothes and dream of buying all of them. I even bought my wedding dress in this store, believe it or not. Also one of my favorite bags on earth is available in this store...I have been thinking about buying it forever...maybe soon. 
You can also find pretty awesome deals at


Well, you can find pretty much everything you want on Etsy and that is why I can spend hours on that website wanting to buy countless things. 

I forgot to mention the Lush online store. You can never have enough bath bombs...

What are your favorite online stores? Can't wait to check them out!


  1. I prefer DaWanda to Etsy because more of the sellers there seem to be based in Germany.

    I love Superstition and Smashed Lemon clothing, and since they are both based in Amsterdam I have to buy them online. Here are the links if you want to check them out:

    1. You are right, you can find awesome stuff at DaWanda too! Love that one as well!

      Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing those! I already found some dresses I really want! :) Haha, I am trying to not spend much money on clothes right now but when I see these pretty dresses....:)

  2. Besides booking flight tickets the only thing I've ever bought online are books from, I like browsing through who shops, especially for clothes :)
    My boyfriend has recently tried for discount apparel and they have some really nice things - a bit of everything :)

    I also love tea shops, they smell soooo good and have such cute tin boxes :)

    1. Oh yes, the internet is definitely a good place to find some deals on plane tickets!
      I like stores where you can find a bit of everything! Will check it out, thanks! :)

      I agree, tin boxes are definitely awesome. I need more of them to store my tea! :)

  3. Oh, I love sniffing tea and coffee. Love it.

    I need to check out ModCloth, can you believe I've never shopped there? I love the look of their clothes but I've never taken a proper browse through the site.

    1. Sniffing delicious things is definitely a good thing to do. :)
      I could spend hours browsing that site. They have so many cute vegan purses and the dresses are so cute...they often have sales and then you can score a great deal! :)

  4. I've never thought to shop for tea online. New addiction??? I think so.

    1. It really is addictive. All the tea sounds so good that you want to try everything! :) Hope you can find something you like!

  5. I love to look at things on Modcloth but have never bought anything from tehre!

    1. I put so many things on my wishlist but so far I have only bought my wedding dress there. But I think this needs to change soon! :)

  6. I love picking out tea!! It's one of my favorite things to buy at the store, too! :o)

    I've seen Modcloth advertised, but never bought anything from them. They really do have cute clothes!

    1. Tea stores are the best! I just can't resist buying tea, it smells too good! :)

      They have such cute clothes. I should really buy more of my stuff there! :)

  7. you can spend hours and hours at Esty cause there's like a million different stores just like amazon, only more handmade, I suppose.

    hope you have a great day.

    1. You are right, you can find almost anything on Etsy and it is handmade and there are so many unique things to discover. I just love it!

      Have a fun Sunday!

  8. Tea stores are awesome! I love sniffing at all the types of teas, too. I'm not sure I'd online shop for tea if I didn't know what I want because I'd miss the chance to smell the different combinations. That tea store in your town sounds so wonderful!
    I definitely like books better than some people, too!
    It's amazing that we can order online even things we wouldn't get in the supermarkets. Good thing you can get anything vegan this way.
    Speaking of food - I love chocolate online shopping on :) I'm not sure though if they have vegan chocolate.
    I just clicked on ModCloth for the first time - oh what wonderful dresses! I better not stay too long or I'll want too many things ;)
    I've heard so much of Etsy by now, but due to having no time for window shopping I've never looked through it. Maybe I should do that some time soon :)
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, sweet Katrin.
    Ich drücke Dich soooo feste!

    1. Yeah, that is the downside of online tea shopping. You can't smell it. But sometimes they have teas you just don't get in a regular store and then you just have to give it a try. :
      I have never heard of chocri but I need to check if they have vegan chocolate. Sounds great! Thanks for the tip!
      I am glad you like ModCloth as well. But you are right, if you don't want to spend too much money then t is better not to stay so long! :)
      I definitely recommend Etsy, you can find pretty much everything there!
      Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, sweetie!
      Ich drueck Dich ganz ganz dolle!

  9. Hi Katrin ... mhmmm with food and clothes I'm so oldschool ;) ... I just by them in stores .... for example our coffee it's small shop of a friend and I always like trying new things or just chat with him a little bit with a fresh Espresso.
    So beside Amazon I have only one favorite online store and that's ... I love their chocolate and as they are located in Austria and I haven't found a store here selling it, I have to make always large orders ;)

    Wish you a great week!!

    1. Hi Christian, I like being old school! My problem is just that the stores often are so crowded and I don't like that at all! But your coffee shop sounds awesome! I would spend a lot of time there as well!
      Oh I know Zotter! They sell it at the tea store in my hometown! They have some pretty crazy flavors! :) I am sure it is fun to order a whole lot of chocolate! :

      Have a great week, Christian!

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