Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Things. A bookshelf dress, shame on the princes and a grumpy owl.

Hallo meine Lieben,

happy Friday! Hope you are all having a fantastic time! Please check out my friend Celeste's Five Things too. 

1. This dress.

Jeremy Scott Bookshelf dress - Wood Wood

A book shelf dress? How fantastic is that. As a book worm I had to fell in love with it. It is the Jeremy Scott Bookshelf dress, a Danish designer. 

2. This video.

You can find more information here. Prince William, David Beckham and Yao Ming made a video to protect the last Rhinos on earth. I wish more famous people would raise some awareness. 
BUT: What I don't understand is that Prince William speaks out against rhino hunting but goes on a hunting trip to Spain with his brother Harry where they kill several animals including a water buffalo and wild boars. Shame on you, guys. Where is the logic? And the compassion? You can find more information here (also a picture of Prince Harry with a dead animal). Things like that just make me incredibly sad. 

3. A grumpy owl.

I am sure this little fellow could be Grumpy Cats best friend. If Grumpy Cat wants to have any friends. No matter what, I am in love because owls rule. 

4. Meet Ella.

I guess you already know that I am a huge fan of The Sidekick Series, a documentary featuring adopted pets and their humans. In the latest episode you can meet Ella and Stephen and honestly, this video made me cry. It is so fantastic to see wonderful people like Stephen and a sick but happy cat like Ella. Don't miss this. 

5. This lip balm.

A vegan Pickles & Ice Cream lip balm! This sounds too cool to be true. Totally my kind of thing. I would love to try this so badly! It is from a company called Molly Rose Lip Balms. I love to discover companies like that. Everything is handcrafted, organic and vegan. Perfect. You can check it out here.

Have a fantastic weekend!

PS: Yesterday was International Love Your Pet Day...but I would say that every day should be International Love Your Pet Day. For my pets it is....


  1. Gosh David Beckham looks so tiny next to Yao. I love the effort - even if a certain Prince may be a bit hypocritical.

    1. Yeah he does. I don't even know how tall he is. He looks tiny here. And yes, the prince really is hypocritical. Do not understand this.

  2. This book shelf dress is so cute :) I love that video but I really hope that Prince William will stop hunting in general now!
    That grumpy owl is sooo cute! It makes me smile.
    And I loved, loved, loved that video of Ella and her human. So incredibly cute.
    Uhm, pickles and ice-cream? I really want to know now what that tastes like! :)
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, sweet Katrin.
    Ich drück Dich sooo dolle! :)

    1. I hope he will stop hunting, it is a horrible thing to do and he is hypocritical!
      Grumpy owl makes me smile as well. Animals always do!
      The video really is touching. I love that there are people like Stephen!
      Hope you are having a great weekend! Ich drueck Dich ganz dolle, Liebes!

  3. It sounds to me like the princes only made that video for good publicity. You know how some celebrities can be...

    That owl kind of looks like me after a long night at work!!

    1. Yeah, I mean, I am happy about everybody raising awareness and trying to help but he really is hypocritical. Hope he will stop hunting!

      Haha, yeah, you are cute as well! :))

  4. Hi Katrin

    Nice post! I don't why and how people enjoy an obnoxious thing like hunting and even call it a fun pastime..this sucks :(

    Some owls are really beautiful! wonders of nature!
    Nice cat and funky dress..hahah :)

    1. Thank you, Ankita! I will never understand hunting, it is such a horrible thing to do. How can people do this?

      Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. I agree about the princes, I mean I am glad they seem to thinking about animal rights, but they need to think a little harder.

    1. They really need to think a little harder, especially the younger one!

  6. What an adorable book shelf dress - I love Danish fashion designers, but I haven’t heard of that one yet! Interesting lip balm - pickles & ice cream lip balm?! I love pickles and ice cream though! Happy Int’l Love Your Pet Day! x

    1. I have not heard about this designer either but the dress is so cute! :)
      I need to try that pickles and ice cream lip balm. It sounds weird but good! :) Hope you had a great Love Your Pet Day!

  7. That owl and Grumpy Cat need to be like a detective duo or something. They look perfectly matched in their grumpiness.

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