Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shoes from hell.

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

I have lots of shoes. Some people might say I have too many. But hey, I can't help myself. I need all of them. Over the last couple of months I have realized that Americans and Germans have a lot in common....but there are some differences when it comes to shoes.  

Here are 3 examples that stand out the most to me. 

1) Running shoes.

The name already says it. You wear them when you go out running. They are not made for things like shopping, going to a restaurant, to a museum, to your hair stylist etc. Okay, you might say that they are comfortable. But don't you agree that there are nice sneakers which look a looooot better? I mean, do running shoes really look good when you wear them to a jeans or even a dress? In my opinion NO. But I am a German. So maybe I am wrong. 311 million Americans can't be wrong. I guess. It is just hard for me to understand that you actually wear them when you don't run. Maybe people just want to be prepared for an exceptional situation. You never know when you have to run. Your life could be in danger. But again, you could just wear sneakers. You can run with them too. I have never seen people wearing running shoes outside of a forest, a stadium or things like that in Germany. I have one pair of running shoes. So I wear them maybe once a year. I guess an average American has at least 5 pairs of them. David and I have talked about the topic a lot. He can't understand my problem. I guess no American can.

2) Flip Flops in February.

It was February when I flew to America for the first time. I wore boots, a winter coat, a scarf, gloves etc. But the first thing I saw at the American airport when I arrived was lots of Americans in Flip Flops. It was freezing cold outside. So cold that I thought they would get frostbite on their toes. I was glad that I had my warm socks and boots. But 3 out of 5 people at the airport were barefoot. And they have to leave the building at some point. So I just didn't get it. 
Is there a reason that I can't see? Don't you get cold feet? If not: how do you do it? Help me! I would love to be able to wear summer shoes in winter. That would make me look really bad ass. 

3) Plateau Flip Flops

I have to admit: they are my shoe nightmare! Really. They just freak me out because they are so unbelievably ugly. Yeah, everybody has a different taste and that's great. And I am a very open and understanding person. But I just can't understand why you would spend money on these shoes. So please, destroy all of them and never let me see them again. Even Adidas sandals combined with white socks look better. Kind of. 
I am not sure if they exist outside of America. I have never seen then anywhere else. Which was kind of nice. 
(I apology ifanybody feels offended by me. This is just my opinion. And I like making fun of things. Lots of Germans definitely have a really bad taste too. So please feel free to make fun of all the odd Germans. We can take it.)

Which shoes do you hate?
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Maybe I'm secretly German because I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. Ohmygosh. My husband unpacked his tennis shoes that aren't running shoes before we came here, and I didn't know about it. He wore his running shoes EVERYWHERE, and couldn't understand why it bothered me so much! I finally made him let me buy him some sneakers to wear around, because it was SO OBVIOUS that he's an American. lol I never wear running shoes unless I'm working out or something.
    I can't wear flip flops unless it's at least 70 degrees outside. I just can't. I have friends that wear them ALL YEAR ROUND, though.
    UGH. Platform flip flops are disgusting.
    I feel like I should be german. HA!

    1. You should be a German, Alyx! :)
      When I was with David at the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam we saw a young couple and they were both wearing running shoes and I told David that they must be American. And I was right. Haha. I guess you identify German tourists at first sight too. :)
      I feel the same about Flip Flops!
      Okay, they are called "platform sandals". :) I wasn't sure!

  3. I love this and totally 100% agree! My worst shoe nightmare are those ugly plateau flip flops as well, I guess I will never understand how you would even consider putting those on either! I was shocked when I recently saw some at a shoe store here in Germany! eeek!! xxx

  4. Oh noooooooo! Really? That's terrible! I thought they would necer start to sell them in Germany!!

  5. Ekk...I hate sneakers, and flip flops and clogs...and thin kitten heels...

  6. Too funny! Vielen Dank für folgende meinem blog. Sorry... I don't know the German word for blog.

    Also, just wanted to say that I think you should never have to apologize for your observations about American style. But not in a shoe store. That would be sad.

  7. :)) thank you!
    It's great that you speak german! there is no german word for blog, so thats great!

  8. The more of these I read the more I'm certain my German heritage is very strong in me, because I agree with all of these.

    1. Sneakers are for working out or any time when you have to be on your feet for a long period of time!! At least change into cute flats for goodness' sake. This is as bad as people who wear pajama pants in public, in my opinion.

    2. My feet are always cold. I wear slippers in summer!!! I see lots of people who wear sandals with parkas. Makes no sense.

    3. This trend should have died with the 90s. Either wear flipflops or get some really cute wedges to wear. Either or. Not this!!!!!

    1. Haha, I am so glad you agree on everything! :)
      And yeah, I always see people in pyjama pants in grocery stores. So weird!
      I always need warm socks and most times a hot water bottle too!
      Totally agree on #3!


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