Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - one day too late.

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

it seems like I am always one day too late when I want to link up. Please forgive me! Today I am linking up with Linny at Linny's fault. On a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday.

1. One of my favorite shows to watch is Black Books. I recently discovered this show although it is already a couple of years old. You should definitely check it out because it is hilarious. I love that they drink wine all day long, how Bernard hates everybody and Manny is one of the funniest guys ever. I want his pink slippers.

2. I am excited to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I mean, a plane crash. Come on. I wonder who will die. I hope it is not Lexie. I just watched the first 7 and a half minutes. The first thing Christina says after a plane crash is "I lost my shoe.". Makes sense.

3. I would like to drink a cherry Dr. Pepper.

4. I hope somebody will kill King Joffrey in his sleep. I wish Tyrion Lannister will do it.  Does anybody else watch Game of Thrones? Does anybody else have problems remembering all the names of the characters?

5. I think this is a good mantra. I'd prefer the George Clooney Batman because he appeals to be very competent.

6. Come on, Germany...don't hand over Captain Watson to Costa Rica! You can't be serious about that!

7. Tomorrow is Father's Day in Germany! So I hope all fathers will have a wonderful day, especially mine! He is the greatest Dad ever! I love you, Papa!

8. The goat on the picture is so adorable. She wanted to cuddle all the time. Maybe she only wanted food but she was still very nice.

9. I only use yellow highlighters, I don't like the pink or green ones. 

10. I would love to drink a nice German beer right now. That would be even better than the cherry Dr. Pepper. It is only noon here but still a good time for a beer. When you are German you are always allowed to drink a good beer. Bitburger would be nice. 

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!


  1. I love Game of Thrones, in fact I think boarder-line obsession would be a good description! :)

    I miss beer in Germany, I lived in Duesseldorf for 6 months and it was the only time I actually enjoyed beer!

    1. Haha, yeah, you're right! :)

      Oh, that's great! I hope you liked it there!

  2. Replies
    1. Great! :) It is definitely my favorite German beer!

  3. I'm finally getting the hang of the characters names, but Jarrod keeps pronouncing Tyrion a different way every time he says it. I'm so excited for Sunday's episode! I really want a cherry Dr. Pepper right now too. I don't even drink soda that much.

    1. I guess I will never be able to remember the names! :(
      I love Dr. Pepper! It is definitely my favorite!

  4. I love game of thrones and I despise Geoffrey!! He needs to die a miserable painful death! ugh!

  5. Bahaha, it's true - anytime is beer time in germany!!

    1. Yeah. :) Even for breakfast. But only on holidays (at least for me).

  6. OMG! Are you kidding me...who uses yellow highlighter?! I think I immediately have to unsubscribe from this blog ;) I would seriously rather not use highlighter than use yellow one, it`s just so aggresive and I´m scared it might cause me eye cancer! Blue, green and purple are the only colors that are ok to be used (at least on my watch):o

    I want to wait with watching Game of Thrones until I´m a little further into the books. I just started and I have the hardest time remembering all the names of the characters already...uah! Please dont tell me it gets worse?! Have you read the books?

    Thats too bad you can`t be here for fathers day. I am always the most homesick on occasions like this. But I´m sure our dads know we love them very much and wish we could be with them! By the way, I love the goat :)

    Miss Sugarshack

    1. i use it! :)) maybe we can still be friends? hehe, but seriously, i think the pink one is the worst for me, i get augenkrebs when i have to look at it. i think it is much more aggressive than the yellow one. :)

      i haven't read the books yet. i started to watch the show and then i thought it might be too confusing to read the books at the same time. but i will definitely read them at some point. maybe that would help to remember the names. i am always so confused. for me it gets worse and worse but i am really bad with names.

      yeah, i am sure our dads know! but i still miss him! but i guess you know how that is!
      the goat was awesome!

  7. 1. Never seen it. I'm definitely going to have to check it out.
    2. I was excited to see the season finale too. Sadly it was all very anticlimactic & disappointing.
    3. Me too! Dr. Pepper is absolutely my favorite drink ever.
    4. Geoffrey is such a dickwad, I hope he gets killed soon. GoT has to be one of my favorite shows out right now but you're right, when it comes to the names I'm completely lost. I'm actually about to start reading the books. I hope they're good.
    5. Haha
    6. My husband watches Whale Wars, I just cant get into it.
    7. Aw, Happy Fathers Day to him!
    9. So do I. The other colors tend to mess with my eyes.
    10. Hope you finally got to drink that beer :)

    Thanks a ton for linking up on 10 on Tuesday, I had a blast reading yours.

  8. 1. Black Books is sooo great! I am sure you will love it!
    2. It was. Why did they kill Lexie? So stupid.
    4. I want to read the books too. Maybe that will help with the names but I doubt it.
    7. Thanks, he had a fun day!
    10. Unfortunately not a Bitburger. It is hard to find here. But I had a Guinness.
    I like your link up a lot! So much fun reading yours!


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