Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - ähm...Wednesday.

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I am linking up with Rachel!

I know, I know....I am late. But I liked the idea so I thought it would be okay to cheat a bit...I will be faster next week! I promise!

So today I am talking about my Top 5 guilty pleasures.

1. What not to wear.
Yeah, it is not the most pretentious show on TV but it is sooo entertaining. I love how Stacy and Clinton freak out about the bad style of the girls they will transform into beautiful swans. And yeah, I enjoy to watch people go shopping. Lots of times I don't agree with the stuff the buy or the haircut they get. But I guess that's what makes the show so exciting. 

2. Nail polish and lipsticks.
I love to buy them. Lots of them. Maybe too many of them. I love colors so I can't say 'no' when I see a new one. The bad thing is that I almost never wear lipstick. I just own it. 

3. Shooooooooooes.
I probably have too many shoes. But I have to admit that I don't feel too guilty about it. Just a little bit. A teeny tiny bit. 

4. Sing Take That songs.
Yes, they are one of the most popular boy groups ever. I know that they are not American-famous but they were huge in Europe. And still are. Robbie Williams is probably the most famous entertainer in Europe. I will never get sick of their songs. And every time I meet my best friends we start to play "Singstar Take That".

5. Crime and blood and murder.
I love to read bloody books, I love to watch bloody movies. The more blood the better (important note: no animal blood. I have watched "Benji the hunted" last Christmas and had to cry so much when one of the cubs was carried off by a bird of prey. And when the wolf fell down the cliff.). But back to the blood. I read and watch biographies of serial killers, I feel good when I can read about the most cold-blooded killer ever. I am excited when cruel things happen on the screen or the page of my book. I don't know what's hidden deep down in my soul....

I have to say that I don't feel guilty about my guilty pleasures. These are things I like and there is nothing bad about it. 

What are your "guilty" pleasures?


  1. Hahaha, is that seriously a boy band?!? I feel like I need to hear their songs. I love crime shows - criminal minds is one of my favorites.
    Oh, and shoes - shoes are the best!

    1. Yeah, they were bigger than the Backstreet Boys here in Europe. Everybody cried when Robbie Williams left the band. I don't understand why they are not famous in America!!

    2. An yeah, Criminal Minds is great!

  2. Yep, had never heard of Robbie Williams til I moved to Germany and my host my here still crushes on him, cracks me up

    1. Hehe, I really don't understand why nobody knows them in America. They are so much better than all the other boy bands. :)
      It is funny that your host has a crush on Robbie Williams!

  3. Probably shoes...and clothes... but like you I tend not to feel too guilty about them ;)

    1. haha. i think that's the right way to deal with it! :)

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