Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You know you are German when....

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

we Germans can be really weird. That's why I want to share some facts about Germans with you that make it easier to recognize a German at first sight.

You know you are German when.....

...you watched Das Sandmännchen before going to bed.

...you have to pass your Abitur if you want to study at university,

...any beer that wasn't made in Germany doesn't deserve to called beer.

...you separate your trash into more than 5 bins.

...you call your cell phone "handy".

...you grew up watching Löwenzahn, Die Sendung mit der Maus and Der kleine Maulwurf.


...you can say words like "Betäubungsmittelverschreibungsverordnung" und Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz".

...you aren't allowed to dance on Karfreitag.

...you think that Johnny Depp's last name is stupid.

...you ask people "what louse ran over your liver" when they are in a bad mood.

...you feel uncomfortable when you have to say "you" to adults.

...you can order Berliner and Amerikaner in a bakery.

...your first tape was Benjamin Blümchen or Bibi Blocksberg.

...you have ended English sentences with "...,or?"

...you think David Hasselhoff is the real cause of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

...soccer is your favorite sport and you watch the games in front of a huge screen in public.

...women are allowed to cut off men's ties on Weiberfastnacht.

...people ask you if you had a clown for breakfast.

..you can at least tell one Manta joke.

...you expect chocolate in your shoes on December 6th.

...you don't stand in line but in the snake. 

...you sometimes don't understand each other because the dialects are too different from each other.

...you have a Polterabend before you get married and smash hundreds of plates.

...you watch "Dinner for one" at every New Year's Eve and can still laugh about it.

...you receive your Christmas gifts from the Christ Child on Christmas Eve.

...you drink a Glühwein at a Christmas market every december.

... annoying people go on your ghost.

...when carnival begins on November 11 at 11.11 am.

... you say "I think I spider" when you are confused.

...you press your thumbs instead of crossing your fingers.

...you say PorschE. Not Porsch.

...you have a "blue eye" instead of a black eye.

...you have 2 sets of tires for your car. One for the winter and one for summer.

...you fold your Tetra Pak before you put it in the Gelbe Sack.

...you know that there is only one Rudi Völler. 

...you have bought something for an apple and an egg.

..you get chased away by strangers at the cinema because you sit in their seats.

...you pay 2000 Euros to get your driving license.

...you still feel like you should go into details when somebody asks "How are you?".

...you are happy when Americans use words like "Doppelgänger" or "Zeitgeist".

..you want to shake hands when you meet somebody.

...you got a driving license for your bike at primar school.

...beer being cheaper than gas is normal for you.

...your parents told you there will be rain when you don't eat your food.

...you can open a beer bottle with a lighter. Or with another bottle.

...you knock on your desk after a lecture at university.

...you see people walking around in Adidas sandals and white socks.

...half of the videos on youtube are not available in your country. 

..you don't say "Hello" when you answer your phone but you say your name. 

... you smile like a honeycakehorse.

...when you are surprised you say "my lovely mister singing club." or " Holla the woodfairy".

...7 beers replace a meal.

...there are no ice-cubes in your refrigerator.

...you have to return bottles to the store you bought them and get some money back.

...people are allowed to drink before they are allowed to drive.

...when you drive 4 hours in any direction and are in a new country with a different language. 

So, what's weird about your country?


  1. Danke für die Glückwünsche.
    Der Post ist echt lustig, auch wenn ich einen Amerikaner in einer Bäckerei wohl nicht erkennen würde.


    1. Gerne doch! :)
      Dankeschön! Ich dachte immer Amerikaner seien so bekannt!

    2. Sind sie auch,frueher waren es die Hochwasserhosen und kurzer harschnitt.Und heute sind sie flach mit weissem Zuckerguss. Ich meine jetzt die amerikaner gemacht aus teig ( lol funny...Lustig geeil ?

  2. Those long things are WORDS not sentences? Ridiculous!
    I enjoy the phrase "what louse ran over your liver" and might have to start using it.

  3. Haha, yeah...these are words. We have lots of them :)
    Would be awesome if you would use that phrase!

  4. It's probably really weird that we DON'T separate our trash in America! I'm trying to be better about recycling though, promise!

    1. haha, thank you! :) it is always a little weird for me to see that. I always think "no, you can't do that! it's not good!". :))

  5. LOVE this!

    First, the trash separating thing is really hard. I still get really confused about a couple of the bins! And the lack of ice is really frustrating sometimes. And of course the differing dialects. ahh, I love Germany!

    1. I admit that there are lots of different bins! :)
      But I am glad you love Germany! :))

  6. AHHH!!!! I think you know that I love this.

  7. lol I love this! Wish I'd have it before I went to Germany :) I loved it there though and I think my husband is obsessed. He wants to go back asap.

    1. Glad you like it! It's a beautiful country! :)

  8. Grandiose Liste ;)

    Falls ichs doch irgendwann mal wieder in die Staaten schaffen sollte werde ich wahrscheinlich täglich nen tobsuchtsanfall kriegen das keiner dort den Müll trennt ^^ Fand das schon immer ziemlich doof.

    1. Ja, mich macht das auch immer total fertig! :) Kann mich da echt nicht dran gewöhnen!

      Danke Dir!

  9. So many of these are exactly why I ADORE germany. And I cracked up at ending sentences in or? haha...oder???

    1. haha...yeah, we're weird. i think i end a lot of sentences with "...right?". :)

  10. Oh boy. Was looking for a pic of a "Amerikaner" (steh auf entzug!LOL) and found this post. Hilarious. LOVE IT. Have to share! Well done .... yes ... and everything so veyr true!

    1. Glad you like it, Iris! :)) Thank you for your kind words!

  11. Haha...AND you know you're German when more than 20 years after unification you still hate the East German "Sandmännchen". No offence to Pittiplatsch and Moppy, but Piggeldy and Frederick are sooo much cooler!

    1. Haha, Piggeldi and Frederik are awesome!

  12. The best were the white socks with sandals and "I think I spider"!

    The worst in Germany is lack of ice-cubes!

    I still love it, eventhough every time I ask for a "Cola with ice" I get a coke with "ice cream" instead of ice cubes!!!

    1. Haha, yeah....everybody thinks that I talk about ice-cubes when I mention ice. Both is just "Eis" in Germany. :)

  13. HOW ON EARTH do you afford to drive?!?!?!?! It's no wonder you have such a flourishing public transport system!!!!!! Thank God we don't have to pay that much here, I'd be doomed. I love having my car.

    1. Well, I don't know. I guess you just don't have another option. :) But yeah, it hurts to get gas in Germany. Luckily I always drove to Luxemburg where it is at least a little cheaper.


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