Monday, May 28, 2012

A birthday, my week and Irish blood, English heart.

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

today is a very special day!!! Taaaaaa-daaaaaa...........

It is Findus' 3rd birthday!!!!!!!! Happy happy Birthday to my lovely bunny! Thank you for always making me smile, thank you for being so funny, thank you for being such a fighter, thank you for beating the stupid disease, thank you for being such an enrichment to my life! I am so happy that you are my bunny! I love you, Finnie! 

My week. In brief.

|seen|  a couple of Breaking Bad episodes, the season finale of Castle (finally!), Don't trust the bitch in Apartment 23, Girls, Community, Modern Family, Tschernobyl Diaries (stupid story, interesting location, completely predictable)
|read| Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, university stuff
|listened to| Die Drei Fragezeichen, Oasis, Suede, Kula Shaker
|done| translations, university stuff, going to the bookstore, going to the movies, having dinner with my sister-in-law, grocery shopping
|eaten| Quesadillas with tofu, red peppers and mushrooms, pasta, carrots, cucumber, strawberries, grapes, salad
|drunk| ice tea and beer. 
|thought| why is it always so cold in American restaurants and movie theaters?
|annoyed| the usual. bad drivers and all the bad things that happen in this world.
|enjoyed| spending many hours in a book store together with a cat.
|bought| lots of books, Dr. Pepper, beer, birthday present for my sister-in-law.
|astonished| isn't it weird that 99% of American bikers don't wear a helmet. I have seen one guy without helmet and without shirt. Not dangerous at all.
|clicked| blogs, amazon, beauty sites, animal rescue stories. 

You all know that I like beer. You should all check out Kari's post about Bitburger. She blogs over at Life on Madison and I immediately knew that we would be friends! She and her husband Brian love beer to and he even brews his own beer! How amazing is that? She had such a wonderful wedding, the pictures are incredible. and I really wish that I will have the chance to taste their beer someday! Kari, you are wonderful!

My song of the day is "Irish blood, English heart" by Morrissey. 
I am neither Irish nor English but I would love to live on a farm in Ireland someday. With lots of animals. And the song is really really good. 

Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. They keep it cold in restaurants so that you eat more - you're more likely to be hungry when you're cold. Interesting, huh?
    IDK about the movie theatres, though.

    1. hmm...interesting. But I just want to leave when it's cold. Maybe that only works with Americans. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your bunny!

    Also, I'm glad to see someone else who still listens to Oasis. I'm a big fan of their 90s stuff, but haven't quite gotten into their later stuff yet. They'll always be a favorite of mine, regardless!

    1. Thank you, Aubrey!

      Yeah, I am not a huge admirer of their latest stuff but their older albums are fantastic!

  3. Happy Birthday to Findus! Happy Birthday to Findus! Happy Birthday to a super-cute-perfect little bunny, Happy Birthday to Findus!

    I dedicated my blog to you today--hope you don't mind and please know that the word "snob" is of highest compliment!

    1. :)) Thanks for the birthday song!
      Kari, you are so wonderful! Thank you for doing this! And yeah, we are both beer snobs. :) Hugs!

  4. Happy bunny-birthday ;) What kind of disease did he have? Is he completely ok again?

    How did you like the Castle finale?

    I hate how freezing cold it is in stores, restaurants and movie theaters over there! How ridiculous is it to take a sweater with you to the grocery store in august?!

    Have a great day!
    Miss Sugar Shack

    1. The poor little Findus had "Kokzidiose" ( which was really really bad especially because he got it as a baby. He stopped eating (and bunnies have to eat all the time) so I had to feed him with some weird paste every 2 hours. He also got shots and antibiotics every day. The poor little guy. The doctor said that there is only a small chance that he would survive it but he is a fighter. He is completely healthy now. :)
      I still don't know if I like the Castle finale or not...I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, I have been waiting for them to kiss all the time but now it finally happened and I am not sure how I feel about it. What do you think about it?
      People always stare at me because I take a sweater with me when I go to grocery stores, restaurants and movie theaters. Haha.

  5. Happy birthday to your bunny. He's a cutie. I have heard they kept it cold in restaurants so you want to leave sooner so they can have a higher rate of turnover for the tables. That's one thing I like about restaurants in Germany. There's no rush to get you out of there. I don't know what the deal is with movie theaters but I always take a sweatshirt because they usually are too cold. I like Breaking Bad and Modern Family. I haven't been able to watch your music vidoes. GEMA blocks a lot of the ones people post from Youtube.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yeah, I love that you can sit in German restaurants as long as you want and nobody brings you the check. That always annoys me in America to be honest. I don't feel as comfortable as I do in German restaurants.
      I am sorry that you can't watch the videos! Youtube is always really mean in Germany. :( Maybe you can find other ones...

  6. 1. Yikes. I'd be sleeping with the lights one, but I'm a big-o chicken.
    2. I think it'd be really awkward if it was dude & he'd sneak in the bathroom while you were showering.
    3. Aw, that was nice.
    4. He's such a damn sissy. I was pissed when he ran inside the castle & his little uncle stayed outside. I hope he makes it & Joffrey dies, soon.
    5. Really? Now I'm really glad we saw MIB3 instead.
    6. You're so weird but still cool haha.
    7. Ha, I always buy green ones.
    8. Awesome.
    9. Ditto. I only sing when I'm alone because it's torture to hear me.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. I really prefer a female ghost. :)
      I got so mad when Joffrey ran back inside...I really hope they will kill him soon!
      The Tschernobyl movie was pretty stupid, nothing surprising and bad characters. Not really worth the money.
      I know I'm weird. :)


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