Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rock stars and lots of thoughts about names.

Hallo meine Lieben,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 
Today will be the first time I see David play with his band and I am totally excited about it. He is a great musician, he can play guitar, bass and drums and he also writes his own songs. Which are fabulous by the way. 
I have heard him playing at home and I have heard the songs he recorded but I have never seen him together with his band. So this is a premiere. I am so proud of him, I can't tell you. 

They will play at the Volatility Festival in Columbus.

There will be lots of music and tons of other stuff so you'll definitely get a lot for your money. You can find me in the first row when David's band plays. He's the amazing bass player of The Stars Collapse by the way.

Did you know that I named my blog after one of his songs? It's true. 

I have thought a lot about names recently. I don't know why. But I have several questions.

First of all: I guess most of my readers are do you know if your parents had a male name for you in case you were not born as a girl? Or if you are male, do you know your girl's name? 
If I were a boy my name would be Daniel. Not so bad but I am still happy that I am a girl. 

Another question: 
Do you have a middle name? I have realized that most Americans have a middle name. I know lots of Germans have one too but I don't. So what's your middle name? Is it embarrassing? And are you named after your parents? Grandparents? Godmother? Godfather? Is it even possible do have a male middle name when you are a girl?

My parents both have middle names and David has one too. He is named after his father.
One of my friend's name is Michael. His father's name is Michael too. His grandfather's name is also Michael. Isn't that confusing? I don't think I would do that. 

Most people in America can't say my name the German way...that's why I tell those people to use a nickname. Kat or Kaddie. That's a lot easier to say for people who don't speak German. 
David can say my name perfectly. 

Do you like your name? Did you ever wish to have another name? Do you have nicknames?

I know, all this name talk is completely random...but I am really interested in your answers. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. I've always liked my name, I'm pretty lucky my parents named me well:) My middle name is Anne. Nothing special about that - almost every woman in my family has the same middle name.

    1. It is pretty cool that most women in your family have the same middle name! And yeah, I am happy too that my parents picked a nice name! :)

  2. I was always wondering where the name of your blog came from. Now I know - and it's a nice way to find a blog name, I really like it.

    My parents wanted to name me Thomas if I was a boy ;)
    I have no middle name. I don't think I have the best name ever, but I like it because it's simply me...if you know what I mean.

    Have fun at the concert! :) Hugs!

    1. Yeah, I really like it as the name for my blog. :)

      Thomas isn't bad either! :) I know what you mean, my name is "me" too and I like it a lot!


  3. I like my name usually, the only problem is that a lot of strippers seem to use it :(

    I lot of people pronounce my name wrong, Italians and Spanish usually say (Ch)less-tá and some people say Stella (?) so if I do use a nickname its usually Cici.

    1. Haha, a lot of strippers use your name? That's awesome! :)) But also kind of annoying! I like your name a lot and it doesn't sound like a stripper name! :)

      Cici is really cute! I like it a lot! It is so much easier to use a nickname when people can't pronounce your name. :)

  4. My boy name was Piers. Not Pierce, but rhymes with peers. SO glad I was a girl. My mom hated the boy name, but was convinced I was a girl from the beginning so she never fought it. She did go through Whitney, Ashley, and Kaitlyn before settling on Sabrina. She almost named me Sabrina Kaitlyn, but decided it sounded weird so it got shortened to Lynn. I love the name Katrin :)

    1. Also, I added your button to my sidebar :D

    2. That's awesome! :) Thank you so much! I thought about doing it too! :)
      Breenah is such a great name, it is very unique! I like it a lot! I have never heard the name "Piers" before...but I think it's the name of a news guy....It is awesome that your mom was always convinced that you are a girl. :)

  5. Hi!

    my parents named me Charlie, which a lot of people consider a boys name. And I'm a girl.Even here in the Netherlands people sometimes expect a guy because of my name, although I believe it's getting more common as a girls name. I don't think they would've named me Charlie if I was a boy though...

    How common is the name Katrin in Germany anyway? The only Dutch Katrien I know is from Donald Duck.

    I love your blog by the way! I really like the way you write. I think I got linked here from the blog Kathastrophal a couple of weeks/months ago, and the blog title made me check you out! This is my first time commenting (since I don't have a blog of my own I don't usually do that. Plus I don't want to leave comments with my facebook or google account, so I can't even leave a reply on a lot of blogs). Anyway, I like names (I love my name!), and I always like hearing other peoples name stories.

    1. Hi Charlie!
      Thank you so much! :) You are so sweet! I am glad that you found my blog and like it! :) And it is great that you decided to leave a comment, it really means a lot to me!

      I love that your name is Charlie! I think it is a wonderful name for a girl! I like it much better as a girl's name than as a boy's name! :)

      Katrin is pretty common in Germany, although I think most times they use "Kathrin" with an H or Katharina. I know lots of Kathrins but I am the only Katrin I know. :)
      "Katrien" is so cute! I love the Dutch language! I hope I can learn it someday!

      In what area in the Netherlands do you live? You can write me an email if you don't want to post it here!

      So nice to meet you! :)

    2. Hi! nice to meet you too (although I guess I already met you through your blog, but you didn't meet me yet). I live in Zeist, near Utrecht -- still in a student flat, but I'm about to start my first actual job, so I'll be moving out in a couple of months. My mom actually lives in Germany, since the houses are cheaper over there. Close to the border with NL, in Nordhorn (next to Bad Bentheim).

      Dutch and German are pretty similar, I think. I don't speak German very well (which is a shame, I only speak Dutch and English but would love to be fluent in more languages!), but at least in the border areas, people understand each other. To me, German is kind of easy, since a lot of words are similar. The case system is tricky for me, but at least it's systematic. In Dutch we have two definite articles, but I don't even know the rules. They're leftovers from the case system we no longer have. I know which article goes with which word, but that's something that second language learners have problems with.

      On the other hand, you don't really need to learn Dutch to be understood here. Almost everyone speaks (some kind of) English, and I think a lot of people understand German as well. But you can always learn it for fun. But, as with all new languages, you have to continue reading/speaking them, otherwise you'll just forget stuff.

    3. So great to read more about you, Charlie! I have never been to Utrecht but hopefully I will see it someday. I love the Netherlands a lot. I hope you won't have too much stress moving! Congratulations on your job!
      I did not know that the houses are cheaper in Germany. Interesting. I know that Germany is cheaper compared to Luxemburg, that's why a lot of people from Luxemburg live where I come from.

      Yeah, you are right. The two languages are pretty similar. I can't speak Dutch but I can understand lots of it. I love to hear people speak Dutch. I hope I can learn it someday.

      I know that lots of people speak English or German in the Netherlands, I never had any problems when I traveled there!

  6. Hi Katrin.... if I was a boy I would have been named Peter. So glad I was a girl.... haha. I do have a middle name too, it is Rose, after my great grandmother.

    I hope you had fun at David's show! ~Stephanie

    1. Peter is fine but Stephanie is a lot better. :) And I love your middle name! It is so adorable!

      Thanks, Stephanie! I had a great time! :)

  7. I love name talks :) I was going to be Christopher if I were a boy, so thankfully I came out a girl. I am not a huge "Chris" fan. I do like my name, Hayley, because it isn't very common for my age. Other contenders were Sarah, Phoebe, Hayden, or Reagan. That's good that people here in American can pronounce your name correctly. Most Katrin's here are spelled, Katrine.

    That's my biggest worry when I have kids, pronunciation. Since the boyfriend is German it's a bit tough. I love names like, Marlene, Rune, Lena, Soeren, or Brigitte, but Americans would mess those up so badly!

    Have a great week!
    LG, Hayley

    1. Hayley is such a beautiful name! I love it a lot! It is very unique and sounds like a fairy name. :)
      Lots of people know how to say "Kathrin" but there is no "th" in my name, that makes it a little difficult.

      Yeah, I am sure it will be hard to find a name that is easy for Americans and Germans. :) I am pretty sure nobody knows how to say "Soeren". :)

      Have a fabulous week! Lieber Gruss!

  8. Awe! So how was the show???!!! :D

    It's kind of bothering me that I can't remember if I ever asked my mom what they were going to name me if I had been a boy :(. And my dad can't really speak nor do I think I'd remember in his condition, anyway :/.

    I kind of like my name because it's Japanese and I never met anybody else in Argentina who had my same name. My middle name is Melina, but nobody ever calls me that.

    I really like your name! I'd love to hear the proper German pronunciation! ;)

    1. The show was awesome! David is such a great musician and I love his band! I could have listened to them for hours. :)

      I am sorry that you don't know your boys' name, Miki! :( There are so many things I would love to ask my mom too!

      I love your name so much! It sounds adorable! Melina is very cute too!
      It seems like I need to make a video at some point and tell people how to say my name. :) Haha.

  9. Names are fun! My full name is Abigail Erin, although I go by Abbey. My mom heard my name on a TV show and liked it. My little sister, Anna, is named after our great grandmother.

    I've known a few girls with boys' names for middle names, or even first names. I grew up with a girl named Daryl and a girl named Randy Jo. I actually like the name Dexter for a girl, and my older sister loves the name Charlie for a girl. :)

    1. I like Abigail Erin a lot! It sounds so cute! And I think it is a wonderful tradition to name kids after the grandparents!

      Some names that are girls' names in Germany are boys' names in other countries. It is so funny! I love boys names for girls. It is kind of cute.

  10. As far as I know, my parents didn't have a boy's name picked out. I know they disagreed on girls names. I vaguely recall my mom talking about wanting to name me Stephanie or Jessica and my dad not liking the names so I ended up as Amanda. Apparently they named me after a character in a movie I forget the name of. I do remember asking my dad what kind of character she was and he said "a bitch". Not really sure why they picked it considering that, but the name means "beloved". My middle name is Marie.

    1. Haha, your story made me laugh so much. :)) "A bitch"? Haha. I love the meaning of your name and your middle name is gorgeous!

  11. I was supposed to be Magnolia, but my mom thought people would call me Maggie and I would hate it--so I got Martha. My middle name is Marie. As far as I know they didn't have any boy names picked out for me!

    Now, my brother and husband escaped even worse--my brother was supposed to be Ezra, but they made that his middle name and called him Matthew instead. Whew! And my husband escaped "Conan" by a hair--he got the more sensible "Brandon" instead. He still got saddled with "Hubert" for a middle name because it's a "family tradition". Ick.

    What is the special way to pronounce Katrin? I always assumed it was like "Katherine" without the "thhhh" sound. KAHT-reen. I've probably been mangling it this whole time O_o

    1. I like both Magnolia and Martha. :) We have "Martha" in Germany just without the th-sound. And your middle name is awesome! It sounds very sweet.
      I like Ezra too. :) Maybe I like all these name because they are unusual to me. :) The German form of Matthew is Matthias by the way. But Conan, that is awesome. :) Haha. I have never seen a real person called Conan, that would have been pretty awesome! And yeah, Hubert is very German! :) But I think only older guys are called like that. :)

      It is hard to explain how to pronounce my name. But you can listen to it here.
      Lots of people highlight the "i" but i don't do that.


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